Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No matter what's your holiday..... its a time to celebrate!

Because its hands down my favorite christmas song, I had to quote N'Sync Merry Christmas Happy Holidays. It brings back warm memories of dancing around sharon's parents house memorizing the dance on TV and recording every possible N'sync move on a VCR. We were so cool!

Christmas season has come so fast and is going so fast as well. It was been a very busy but wonderful month! I got around to seeing almost all of my friends and it was really nice! I miss seeing everyone and feeling like Im getting closer to others. We went wine tasting, a wine dinner, a group christmas dinner where we exchanged gifts, plenty of wedding planning and dress shopping! I think I have found a dress, but im not haulting my search just yet. But, Thank you Maggie Sottero for being so beautiful and so affordable :)

I have wonderfuly friends that got me these beautiful wedding flutes that I just absolutely LOOOOVE! I can't believe how excited I am about flutes, but it makes it that much more real! I seriously wanted to cry when I saw them! The are the Kate Spade Belle Boulevard flutes :)

So in a few hours Cole and I start our trek down to Sacramento. We hope to make it to Fresno and I was thinking of trying to make a day trip to SF if there is time. There will be more dress shopping too! I am really on a hunt to find a bridesmaid dress sooner than later! I really feel on the ball with all the planning, but then i looked at the full list of things to do and it dawned on me, apprently, im about par. Things I plan to get in the near future

- wedding dress
- wedding shoes
-bridemaids dress
-order cake
-send out save the dates

Im excited for when I have something to talk about thats more than weddings.... and my doggies :)

I gave all the dogs these christmas cookies, dog cookies. Lily, Eli, Nutmeg, Taylor and brody. Taylor and brody had terrible stink afterwards so I want to apologize to the parents of the other dogs if they expeiranced the same issue!

ok....time to drive

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flowers, linens, Chirstmas, dresses.... too much to think about!

Although the wedding planning continues, the holidays have made it that much harder to focus!

This is mine and Cole's first week of relaxation. We have been going non-stop for the last couple weeks with wedding appointments and hanging out with friends and holiday stuff. This week we were to start our workout habits for the wedding, but we're putting it off.... again. But the diet has started, and I am hungry all the time! It;s like my body wants to sabotage itself. We're focusing on better foods AND portion control. We'll see how this goes.

Ive decided White is not a flattering color on me. Everytime I've come out of the dressing room in a wedding dress, I look in the mirror is its a michellin man blimp! All I can think is "THIS is suppose to take Cole's breath away?!" Im sure I'll find something, but I can't believe that this is the reaction im having to wedding dresses. I think Im really picky. But I'm going dress shopping again this saturday. I have a feeling this is going to take more than few times for me to find " THE" dress, if in fact its out there at all. Im more about timing. I feel like I'll find something I will be content enough with, when I feel like i've been dress shopping with everyone.... I know it sounds silly. But for example, I havent gone dress shopping with my mom yet! I feel like I am SUPPOSE to find it when im with my mom. But she doesnt want to go with a bunch of 25yr olds... as if she wouldnt fit in. hahahah Anyways, hopefully i'll figure it out by the time I need to.

We also recently met with our florist who is also our designer/rentals coordinator! All in one! I can't believe the amount of flowers that will be in season and to chose from. It was much easier to look through magazines and say "this one" as far as a bouqet goes. We are very excited to see the outcome. Probably more me than cole, but it was fun how involved he is being. I though grooms were suppose to be not very involved and the bride ended up doing all this with their bridesmaids instead. But Cole has been very involved in all the aspects and taken on task that he has actually been working on, and showing me his progress! Im so proud of him helping and taking the wieght off my shoulders. Im marrying an amazing man :)

Cole and I are driving to Roseville for Christmas. Leaving mid day on the 23rd and coming back to Seattle on the 30th. We think. I like taking time off and being in Seattle. Gives me time to unpack and unwind. It will be niiiice :) While in California, I expect it to be a busy time. Im going to try to make it to SF for a day, and we're both trying to go to Fresno again for a day. We will have to see on timing of course.

I think that is it for now.... nothing too exciting :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby....its cold outside

This is definitely one of those days I want to be at home, sleeping, with the dogs. I woke up this morning, and it was 19 degrees outside. Cole and i are very stingy heater users so the house was almost as cold as the yard. The ice on my car still remains even after my 30 min commute to work, and having been at work for about and hour. And on top of it, there is no snow! I happen to enjoy the snow, and its usually long stay in Seattle. But so far, theres nothing :(

This is what my dogs are doing, at home right now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick and Dreaming about Moving... again

Somehow, Cole and I both got sick. This is wierd cause Cole has the strongest immune system I have ever seen. But not very strong will power when it comes to getting his own glass of juice.

So now, we're both sick and dogs, and at work.

Everytime we go to Sacramento, we leave there thinking "I miss that place". Its not exactly the terrain or dirt filled hills with no trees that we miss. We miss our large group of friends, that will always be there. Even if I fell off the earth for a year, with no explaination, they would still be there. The friends you never have to try with and always feel yourself.

Now, this is not to say we don;t have great friends in Seattle. We do have great friends in Seattle. They are wonderful!

Anyways, that was a side track. Cole and I miss the combination of family and friends. Its a wierd growing pain I think. Our jobs, and adult lives are here and we can't spend the rest of our lives being the kids. We going to be the parents, in a few years and we really are trying to think about where we want to be parents! Seattle is an easy choice cause we are already here, established, and content. There is so much to do, and learn to do and thats something we are excited about expierancing with our kids!

But then, there is Sacramento. Our kids can be around other kids that we already know their parents, and they will get to know their grandparents more. Really get that feeling of family.

We just got back from Sacramento, and this is the first time I really had the feeling of "I can't wait to go back!". Maybe its the fact that im on vacation, or that Im just as happy to see everyone as they are to see me. Maybe its the warmer weather or the familiarity. Or maybe, its just home.

More than likely, we'll make the decision to stay in Washington. But its nice to dream :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Sacramento

Finally back on track in Seattle, kind of.

Cole, Courtney and myself (along with our dogs, yes we each have one) drove down to Sacramento for thanksgiving. Thankfully we were in Cole's truck so it was a little roomy. Nonetheless, the car stunk of dog when the trip was over. It took a good 13 hours, and very minimal stops. We are definitely getting used to this crazy drive! We didn’t encounter any snow or worrisome weather conditions. Well, except thick fog. We left at 5pm on Tuesdays and got to Sac at 6am on Wednesday. I convinced Cole it would be a great idea to get the Eclipse book on tape for entertainment. It was great :) We still haven’t finished it, but something about twilight makes me all excited!

We got home and all went to our separate homes. It was nice to see family, soon to be family :-), and friends. As some of you know, I get really nervous around Cole's family, but this trip was a really nice time, and really finally felt like myself. I look forward to my soon-to-be life as a Van Gundy.

My family is doing well too! Thanksgiving was great except 2 things.... well 3 things! 1. Sharon was in Asia. 2. Brody had surgery!!!! and 3 Auny was sick too!!!

Brody was acting completely normal on Wednesday until around 5pm when my mom came home. She frantically calls me around 8pm to tell me my dog has been throwing up about once and hour! I go straight home to see my mom scrubbing her pristine white carpet and Brody sitting next to her, with that guilty face. (his tail goes down and his face sags more, and he looks around like "where can I hide") He calms down and eats a little. I take him to my room to sleep. He moves around all night and finally, throws up again around 4am, and of course, eats it before I can grab a paper towel. I clean it up, and we go back to bed.

When the morning comes, he’s acting a little better but keeps stretching. I look up the symptoms online and it sounded like pancreatitis.(I can’t spell it) I got to the store to run errands for thanksgiving dinner. As I am at the store, I get a call from my brother saying "He has to go to the vet, I made an appointment, go to Alpine" and gives me the address. I head straight over there with pug in tow. We get there, and we're the only ones in the waiting room, and Brody proceeds to bark at every dog that goes by. We get called in and wait 30 min to get seen. Then another 30 to take the blood tests. then another hour to get the results. Then another 30 min to determine to get and x ray, 5 min to take the x ray, wait another 40 min for result, they need another x ray, 10 min, then 30 min to give us results again. Yes, this process took almost 4 hours!!!!

Turns out he ate a huge chunk of a nyla-bone and rope... from his toys and they got stuck in his stomach and esophagus. He was in recovery for some time. When we were finally able to get him home the next day, he was high as a kite! His eyes are normally big, but they were HUGE when we got home! Later that night we went to bed and on the floor of my room at my mom's house is a house phone with a little light on it. Brody has a cone on and didnt want to go to bed. SO he stared at the light the whole night, STANDING! weirdo

He calmed down a tad the next day

Saturday we got together with everyone as a casual engagement party. It was nice to see everyone and chat. We started at Crush 29, went to basic and then after party at Cole's mom's house. Needless to say, I went straight to bed! Everyone else was up till 5, and had no problems sleeping at 2am.

Oddly, in the almost 4 years in Seattle, I've never actually seen a fight, like a fist fight before. In roseville, on saturday, I saw my first one. It was terrible! It was outside of basic while we were waiting for Dusty to pick us up, 2 groups of guys decide to start fist fighting! My immediate reaction was for my jaw to drop, THEN start running towards them to stop it. I remember that I tried to run towards them, and Cole stopped me. I was so upset and dissappointed that there are actually people out there that believe that throwing your fists around is macho and a "good idea". At the time I remember thinking " If I can get over there, they will stop punching each other cause they wouldn't punch a girl". Im glad I didnt make it, cause they may have on accident. Anyways, my point is, that fight was so stupid; I'm glad I didnt get involved; and I love that fighting like that isn't Cole's style.

Well, we're finally home in Seattle, and its nice and cold. Im very excited for this month all the christmas festivities. Cole and I will actually be down in Sacramento again for christmas but for a longer stay this time. About a week and a half! Woo Hoo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brody and Taylor Shot out!

During our engagement photo session with our amazing photographer(Tanya at Azzura Photography), we had a few with Brody (B-Dizzle) and Taylor (Tay Dawg). Our photogrpaher has this really wonderful blog where she shares some of her photos and Brody and Taylor both made it! Check it out!

Pre Thanksgiving Dinner in Seattle

This was a very busy weekend for Cole and I. I have to start with Thursday, so that you can get the whole idea. So, we knew on Saturday we were having friends over to have a pre thanksgiving dinner and wanted to supply a dessert we have never made. So we decided to be festive and made a Bouche de Noel or a Yule Log. NOT EASY! So thursday when returning home from work, we went straight into the kitchen and made our creation to our best ability. It had a homemade caramel creme filling, chocolate cake and marshmellow fondant. This was all covered in cocoa powder and made carved to look like actual wood! I forgot to take a picture, but it turned out good! Very sugary and all from scratch.

So on thursday night we made that, went to bed for 2 hours and woke up and went to the midnight showing of NEW MOON! I am a twilight fanatic and havent been this excited about some since I got a sweatshirt in 8th grade to say "H. DiCarpio" on the back. ( yes, that was to stand for Holly Di Caprio...the future wife of Leo. Although now, I am more thrilled to be a soon to be H. Van Gundy) anyways, we were there only an hour before showtime and the line was around the block!!! I couldnt believe how many parents in a small suburb like Issaquah would allow their children to see a midnight showing on a school night! I know I will not be the "cool mom" when I have kids. :)

We got home at 3am and woke again at 730am to go to work. Left work at 4pm on friday to start set up for the CMA alumni dinner, that I assisted my friend Stephanie in the planning for. This event went from 5-10pm. Then finally got home at midnight and went to bed, just to get up again at 7am to start all the other cooking for the dinner!

Stephanie came over at 730am to start cooking the turkey! We cooked ALL MORNING! We sat down to eat at 1pm and again at 6pm. Our feast included: turkey, pear puree, gravey, broccli and cauliflour, broccoli cheese rice, Jello and pineapples, Stuffing, green beans, dutch apple pie, yule log and I think that might be it! It was fantastic! oh yes, we also had this wine that you warm up and add spices to. We each got a bottle eariler in the year in Leavenworth and finally found an occasion to drink it!

Sunday we went and met Steph and Matt at the Fairmont hotel in Seattle for the festival of trees. A nice way to start getting into the holiday spirit! Matt pointed out this nice Twilight gift basket that was 85$. Cole was leaning more toward the $25 flower centerpeice though :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moving In

Its offical, Im moved in to the condo!

Its a new adult feeling living with my fiance, and a little strange to know I never technically lived with my boyfriend. Just one more of those steps take throws you back into reality that you're not a kid anymore. Like moving 2 states away, and buying my first car, freaking out when getting laid off, paying rent, etc. Sharing one address and one insurance company and one bank account. It's so surreal still! I understand that so many people my age have already gone through this, but there are also quite a few that haven't. It just one of those steps when you start to feel a little old... or older is what I should say.

Its nice how happy Cole has seemed about it, as well. Its very welcoming and I look forward to having all of my stuff in one place. The decorating is  a little difficult. I've mostly decorated the condo already, but now that my stuff will now be intermixed, we've decided on making some adjustments. Kept my dining table, got new chairs all together though. Looks good!

On my favorite subject: Wedding junk. Cole and I are viewing our engagement photos tonight! Woo hoo! I just hope 1 or 2 came out ok. hahaha :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Engagement Party -- Seattle

We went to our engagement party this last saturday November 7th at Black Bottle in Seattle. One of my Maid of Honors, Courtney, hosted it and it was wonderful! She also made a very touching toast and were happy to see everyone there. We have some amazing friends and are so happy to be celebrating this time in our lives with them. There was appietizers, champange and my favorite, red velet cupcakes from cup cake royal! Needless to say, I had more than one cupcake.. :)

We also had some very speical family member come as well! All traveled from separate states to be there and celebrate with us. Cole's dad, Dr Jeff Van Gundy from California, as his aunt and Uncle Mr and Mrs Wilson attended from Idaho. We were so thankful to see everyone!

   The Boys: Left to right, Derek, Matt, Cole, Mr Van Gundy, John and Todd

My MOH Courtney, and my wonderful Fiance

The Wilsons and Van Gundys

Me and My Bridesmaids, Courtney and Stephanie

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Wedding Party.. the bride's side

I think cole will write a blog someday when the mood stikes him :) But until then.. just me :)

Yes 2 posts, 1 day.

Maid of Honor: Sharon Duckworth

Song that makes me think of Sharon: Angel by Shaggy

Sharon is my cousin and we have been through so much of our childhood having a long distance friendship. I lived in Roseville and she lived in Folsom. We have been grounded from each other on more than one occasion but in the end, it was fun and now we have those memories of how silly and crazy we were together. She has always been able to bring out the more humorous side of my personality and usually when we;re together I'm laughing non stop. We choreographed dances at home and tourtred our families to watch. We'd even coordinate our clothes and repeat the same step over and over for a good part of 5 mins. Then we considered our work to be masterpieces. Its too hard to pick just one "favorite" memory since we've known each other for the majority of our lives.

Maid of Honor: Courtney Wickens

Song that makes me think of Courtney: Find out who your friends are by Tracey Lawrence

I met Courtney for the first time in 6th grade at Kaseberg in Mrs. Turners class. During a class project for the Aquaducts. We became instant friends and continued to do many other projects together. One that sticks out is an extra credit project we did with David Chao and others. We minimized an episode of Sienfield and recorded it for the class to see. Courtney was Jerry's girlfriend, I was George's girlfriend with the big nose. We've been friends ever since. She visited me in college many times and evenutally, we both moved to Seattle and have been roommates ever since. We've learned each others personalities well enough to know how to live together and how to handle each other in cat fight situations. :) She is one of those friends you can always count on to be there for you regardless of what it is.

(Bridesmaids are in order of longest known in years....)

Bridesmaid: Diana DiNardo

Song that makes me think of Diana: Lovin...It's What I Got by Sublime

Diana is my longest known friend. We met in Kindergarten at Kaseberg, on my birthday I think. It's so far back the the details are fuzzy, but in Mrs. Brown's class she would give you a paper crown to wear on your birthday. I remember wearing this crown and hanging out alone. Diana came and starting talking to me with her friend. I think bridgette? anyways, we have been friends ever since! I've known her since I turned 5 exactly and I just turned 25. So 20 years of not blood related friendship! Everytime I go away for school or now seattle, and I come home its like time never passed between us and we can talk to each other like we just saw each other a couple minutes ago. We've always had that easy friendship, talk about anything and rarely get offended... except the "Sour Milk" comment. I will never live that one down :)

Bridesmaid: Tany Nguyen

Song that makes me think of Tany: Walk this Way by Aerosmith

Tany and I met in Roseville High School JV Cheer Squad in 1999. I still remember her in tryouts and there was the tumbling portion. IF you could tumble at all, you had to show the judges what you could do. Out of all three squads I think maybe 2 girls could tumble(and I was not one of them). So when Tany went out there and showed her tumbling, it was great!!! We became quick friends. Maybe it was because we were a little quieter and only talked to each other, but it's turned into a life long friendship. Tany brings out the more silly/girly side of my personality. With all the pink and getting all dolled up. She always is able to pull off the new look and style and I;ve always admired that! We have so much fun together getting ready to go out, getting coffee, listening to each others news and staying up WAY to late catching up on each others lives :)

Bridesmaid: Stephanie Wright

Song that reminds me of Stephanie: California Love by 2pac

Stephanie was the first friend I made when moving to Seattle. Although we didn't know each other very well at all, she invited me to stay with her and drove me to my interviews in Seattle. Since then, she and I consider each other apart of our "seattle family". Our Seattle Family, consists of our friend who moved very far away from our actual families and found each other to rely on as we would on our families. We've been through quite a bit together exploring the city of Seattle through our Californian eyes and have so many memories. Stephanie is also a bride to be and I am a bridesmaid in her wedding party. I am very happy to have another bride to be to go through this expierance with. One my favorite memories of Steph was that first time I came to seattle and stayed with her. She had mentioned that we could go out somewhere that night. When asking around to other I asked "what do people in seattle wear when they go out?" a seattle native said "warm sweaters". So thats what I brought. I remember wearing this sweater and telling Steph I was ready. She came out in a REALLY CUTE going out shirt and the look on her face was soo funny when she saw my bluky winter sweater on. I was obviously misinformed. hahaha

Bridesmaid: Lindsay Jones Strong

Song that reminds me of Lindsay: Down into Mexico by Delbert McClinton

Lindsay is my most recent good friend that I met through Cole. I met Lindsay for the first time when her, now husbad, Scott and her both came to Seattle to visit Cole. We all went to a baseball game, a comedy show and a haunted pub in pikes place. We had so much fun together and the conversation never felt forced or uncomfortable. I value Lindsay's friendship a lot because she has always been so kind and honest. We went to Cabo together and just had a great time. We are on the same page when it comes to vacationing... RELAXING :) One of my first memories with Lindsay was when we were leaving the huanted pub and were outside. At this moment, Cole and Scott decided they wanted to bum a cigerette off of a guy, just to see if they'd give it to them. Not even to smoke it. While this was going on, and they were being manly-men, Lindsay and I were standing in the cold and two other men walk up to us and hit on us. Yes.... all while our boyfriends were busy, being "men". It was so funny, I never forgot it :)

Ok, so thats all of them! Six in total!

Signing your(and your parents) Hard Earned Money Away for a Party.... and loving it!

We've picked a date and we're sticking to it!

On October 2nd, 2010 at around 5:30pm in the afternoon I will be Mrs. Coulston Van Gundy and proud of it. :)

These few short weeks of engagement have been good and bad. Good things are that Cole and I are going through this together and are really uniting as a team on OUR decisions. Although both familes are being supportive in their own ways, everyone is going to have their opinions, and sometimes they contradict our own plan for our wedding. At the end of the day we have to remember, this is our wedding, and if we want to make a production out of it, then we will, and if we want it quiet and simiple then we will. Like Krystal had commented, its our wedding and its about us saying our vows, signing a paper, having a witness and starting our happily married lives together. Not about how we're inconvienacing friends and family to come to Seattle in Oct and sit in a long ceremony.

This is our trial run into our married lives. When time comes if our familes put us in an awkward position where it's their way or we get grief..... we have to decide for the future of the family we are making. This should be a happy or stressful time. But should NOT be a sad time of reflection and feeling like your dissappointing someone with picking the wrong location, or flowers, or first dance. What happened to just being happy for someone? So hopfully, this will be the last time I mention it.

On the plus side, as I had mentioned, Cole and I have picked a date, and  location for the reception. Still working on the ceremony location, but we do have a Deacon that will marry us. This is VERY good news to find a Deacon. With that Cole and I have to go through the pre-wedding prep with the church and an engaged couples retreat. We are really excited about this! Also, we got our final pricing from our photographer and will be taking our engagement photos next week! yay! Everyone has been very great with working with us and our budget and our photogrpaher is AMAZING! Both in her work and personality! Here is her website: Her blog is great too!

We were told to relax for a few weeks and just absorb the fact that we are engaged and sit in bliss. It's been diifcult trying to do that and fielding all these wedding questions, so we decided that we will sit in our "engaged bliss" after the contracts for the venue and photographer are signed and we are waiting for time to pass a little. We are going to our engagement party this saturday being thrown by one of our Maid of Honors. Thats right... I have 2 :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seattle vs Sacramento

Is asking my friends and family to come to my wedding in Seattle asking too much?

Although I understand a flight to Seattle isnt cheap, and a lot of people would be traveling. But also think of the people NOT from Sacramento or Seattle. They have to fly one way or another. I love Sacramento, but its not exactly a tourist spot and that at least Seattle does have that to offer. Space needle, Pikes Place, and if you're really excited, FORKS, WA!

I love Sacramneto though. Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown in my memories and going and seeing family, friends and familiar places. But since I live in Seattle now and have been for a few years, I think this would be a good place for us to start our marriage.

I understand not everyone is going to make a weekend trip just for a wedding, but the option is there.

Sacramento would be good because the weather would probably be decent in October and familes won't have to travel. But wouldnt it be nice to get out of town for a weekend?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wedding Planning: Venues, Where and When

I'm noticing that when you get engaged and "try" to soak in the feeling of just being engaged, the first thing everyone asks you is "when are you getting married? Where are you getting married?". I think its definitely out of kindness and showing interest in your celebration. But I dont know the awnser to those questions until many conversations with the fiance and parents are had. Buget, whos doing what, wedding party, where, what season, friday or saturday or sunday! There is just so much that needs to be considered.

I think, In the 2 weeks ive been engaged, I've already stressed out twice and thought "can we just go to the courthouse tomorrow?". The 2 main things that I have found stressful is 1. bridesmaids and 2. venue.

1. Bridesmaids: its diffcult having moved to a different state and creating my life up here. Now not only do I have family to consider, I have my Seattle friends and Roseville friends. Obviously my rsvl friends are LONG time friends, but my Seattle friends are my everyday friends. So, I've accepted the fact that I will have a somewhat large wedding party, and even then, I wont have everyone I want. I have already sent out my bridesmaids cards but havent recieved acceptions/rejections yet so I don't want to post who I asked. It was still difficult and there are people I didnt ask to be in the wedding party that I wish I could. But then I would have everyone up there with me! hahaha. I did take this issue as a good thing in a way. I have been very lucky to have a large amount of good friends to stay in my life and I couldnt be happier.

2. Venue: before the venue is the city! Sacramento or Seattle! While in Mexico, Cole and I had a lot of downtime and thought about the wedding. We decided that our lives and our relationship is in Seattle, therefore thats where we're getting married! Also, it would give everyone who said they would come visit and havent made it up a chance to come and visit! Then we both liked the idea of a fall wedding, so October. Now we're looking at venues and are flexible on the date. Whew!

So much to think about it makes me dizzy! Thankfully, I have a WONDERFUL fiance, and he is keeping me calm and being involved in the process. It really feels like I have a partner in all this and is a glimpse of what its going to be like to be Mrs Coulston Van Gundy, and it looks good :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009 and before

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but every year I try again to enjoy myself. :) My first year in Seattle was a good time.

Oct 2006: One of my better Halloweens. Cole and I were just friends, but starting to test the waters on dating. I recieved tickets to the University of Washington Homecoming game vs ASU and it was a package deal. I got the tickets from a Husky Alumni that just happened to be a VP at work at Matson. I took Cole along with me and we got to take a boat from Mercer Island to the UW stadium. Free food and drinks all day. Once we docked up, our seats were fantastic! We watched the whole game. I monitored the cheerleaders technique and Cole watched the game while "putting on the moves". The arm around the shoulders, sitting closer, offering me a drink, and cracking jokes. Once we got back, we parted ways and I met with my friends to go out. Cole stayed home and fell asleep :)

Oct 2007: I had just quit my job at Matson realizing my lack of interest in sales. So I was unemployed. It's never fun being unemployed. My roommate kindly paid for my costume and we all went out to a party. Unfortuntely, the night ended with a very bad fight with my roommate and somehow I felt somewhat reminded that I was sadly unemployed and Cole had been away for a month.

Oct 2008: I was working at a company I had never heard of before. I was there a decent amount of time and trying to make the best of my time there. Although I enjoyed my job and duties, I was still uneasy about the company. Trying to be festive, I dressed up for halloween in my old cheer uniform that I suprisingly fit in. Mid way through the day, I was laid off. IN MY CHEER UNIFORM!

Well, now for Oct far so good. I got engaged to the most amazing man in the world, who was literally the boy next door that I never met. (Side Note:When we are back in Roseville, we drive around late at night and point out places we went to when we were younger and how different our expierances were. But then there are areas that we've both been to and probably at the same time!) I had a fantastic birthday with all of my friends, and got to go to Mexico and had a blast! Now I get to plan a wedding with Cole... things are going good. Now. If I can only figure out a "get thin quick" plan for this wedding :) hahah

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct 29th

Today is my dad's birthday! Happy 55th!

This is going to be short. I havent seen the sun outside today at all. It feels likes a day of complete night! Its really pretty out side in a fall kind of way. Misty and cold with foliage. It actually feels more like winter than fall. Which is exciting because I love decorating for the holidays!

In spirit of Halloween I read a few scary stories of Seattle's haunted buildings and creeped myslef out. Now I dont even want to go to the bathroom! I'll get over it. My favorite is about the happenings in 1921 1st Ave in Seattle. Very interesting! I want them to open a new restaurant so I can go and scare myself! Im sure whatever opens there will get very good business.

anyways, Cole and I are still looking at venues even though we have one in mind that we are very interested in. We'll see how it goes!

We're going to a Halloween party in Seattle called Fangtasia. Its a vampire party, but you dont have to dress up as one if you dont want. I am, but thats because I had been planing on it for awhile anyways in the spirit of Twilight :) I am going to be a newborn vamp, which means red contacts, drooling blood and sparkling skin :)

ok, thats all for now.

Quote of the Day: " I ate too much"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Proposal

We have been asked a few times about how Coulston proposed to me. Its kind of a long story so starting this blog seemed like a good idea. So this is how it went.

It was Oct 16 2009 and I came home from a long day at work. I was super tired coming home from work friday night cause I spent a lot of time in traffic due to the recent rainfall. I was also kind of grumpy because Cole nervously backed up into my car eariler that day at lunch (later to find out it was due to nerves). So im home, going up the first set of stairs, and looking around the dining room as I usually do as a joke like "so is there anythign special up here". Everything looked normal and I was really tired. Obivously Cole was starting to make dinner, (salmon and rice) and wanted my help. So I go in the kitchen and he asks what he should do to season the salmon. I brush him off and say "anything, im gonna go lay down on the couch" So Im headed over there and he pulls out something from under the skin and he says "Why is this here? Did you do this?" and it was a How to propose: Seattle Style book that we got fromt eh jeweler months ago. And Cole has been hiding it from me since. So I REALLY didnt think anything of it.

So i say "no, im sure you put it there to hide from me and forgot about it!" So I proceed to the couch. And he brings the book to me and says "well, you can read it now if you want since I already know how im going to propse to you." So, the smart a*s i am, grabs the book by the corner and shakes it as if I was shaking something out of it. Nothing comes out so I say "Nope, nothing im interested in, in here" and I throw the book on the couch. Then Cole picks it up and hands it back to me and says " I think you should look at page 28. " STILL, I didnt realize what was happening and I thought it was just going to be a good story. Im flipping to the page and the ring is inside the book. Then Cole got on one knee and asked to marry him. My response was " I messed it up, didnt I! But yes, I will marry you"

And now we are on our way to possibly one of the most stressful years' of our lives.... the year of wedding planning.