Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Dear Husband

Random Post

WARNING: this is long

Not much to update about the baby, so instead I’ll update a little of what has been on my mind lately.

My husband :D

I realize this will be a boring post for most, but I think of this blog as not only my own little soap box, but also a little journal for me to reflect on in a few years. This is something that will help me remember the past and be able to relive it. It’s like my own digital version of “The Notebook”.

Last weekend, Cole and I went to the CMA Gala in San Francisco. To try to squeeze in a few moments with our family, we flew into Sacramento after work. Our flight got delayed and we didn’t land till after midnight. We stayed at Lenny’s place, and then took off early the next morning to get my hair done/see my mom. Once that was done, I managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at La Bou(drooling thinking about La Bou) with my Dad and his friend Eva. Which ran a little late and we had to be on our way to San Francisco.

Once in SF, we saw our friend Brittnay. Brittnay is one of our few “joint” friends! It was a very short and fun visit (and long over due) and we were off to the gala at the Westin St Francis in Union Square. It was a beautiful hotel in a beautiful city. It was great to go and see a few familiar faces! With our flight the next morning at 830am out of Sacramento, we had to rush back home. So we took interstate 80 all the way back.

Why am I mentioning our route home? Well, because it has been such a long time since the last time I was driving from SF to Roseville on 80 and we had to drive through Vallejo to get there. Driving through Vallejo brought back so many memories of school. It was such a strange feeling to be going through it. Both good and bad all came rushing back, but most of all the lack of responsibility.

My senior year, last semester, I was making decent money working at the school and barely had any classes. Which meant, I had a lot of time on my hands to live out my last few months of college. These were the memories that really came back to me. The last year of school. Since I had more time on my hands, I saw Courtney and Sharon more often. Also, I was finally 21 so I went to bars and clubs in SF. Before I was 21, I didn’t drink at all. I did a little in High School (sorry mom and dad if you’re reading this!) but really not that much.

So when the legal drinking age finally came around, I had a blast and would like to think my senior year was one of the best years of my life. So I said this post was going to be about my husband, and I haven’t really talked about him yet. Well, here goes the story of us….

For those of you that don’t know, Cole and I went to college together, but didn’t run in the same circles until senior year. Even then, he was an engineer and still had a lot of studying to do while I didn’t and had a different agenda. After being together for 4 years, we’ve come to realize we’ve been around each other since high school. With Cole having gone to Granite Bay High School and myself at Roseville, we’ve actually been at swim meets together, swimming against each other and football games together. Then with CMA, I never would have thought “my future husband is roaming around this campus”.

So, back to senior year in college, I was hanging out with Brittnay and her friends more after I had freed myself from a long relationship I had in college with someone else. I was enjoying my new found “single” self and making new friends along the way. With that was Cole. There were many occasions I would be over at Cole’s house and Cole and I would get to talking. We clicked very well, but didn’t ever recognize it as much more than a friendship. We all went on a trip to Mexico on our senior year spring break and I found myself at Cole’s rental more than my own. There was a time in Mexico that Cole and I were talking for so long at his rental that we fell asleep on the couches. Separate couches… remember… we’re just friends at this point. Also another time, were he came over to the rental I was at we stayed up till almost 4am talking on the balcony. Needless to say, this is when I heard the nicest complement I had ever received. I did have to force it out of him, but I got it!

Anyways, life went on and we didn’t keep in really close contact at all. Just a message here and there to say hi. I’m not really sure how it came about, once I moved to Seattle, he and hung out once or twice while he had training. I even remember Sharon and I teasing him about his Crowley vest that said “My Safety, it’s up to me.”. We went to a movie together as well. (the Davinci code.. yea it’s a little silly that I remember this since we were still just friends). He went up to Alaska and I was enjoying my life in Seattle.

Then a few months go by and he lets me know that he has to go back to Seattle for a bit and I suggested that he just stay with me and to come over Seafair weekend. (the first weekend in August). He agreed, which surprised me, but we had an extra room at the time, so I guess it made sense. I can still remember now, when he came up to say hi at Seafair. I was with Stephanie and Tim, (Courtney was there too, but I believe she managed her way onto a party boat at this time. Lucky girl!) He had a brown AE shirt and Khakis shorts and his side burns… oh the side burns. They were MONSTORUS!

We had all sat at the water, talking and joking around. We all got hungry and decided that we should go to Madison Park for food. One little problem… Steph, Courtney and I didn’t have a car. We took the shuttle from Bellevue over and Cole’s car was fairly far away. So, Tim (the nice guy that he is) offered to take us one by one on his scooter back to Cole’s truck. I had never been on a scooter and thought it was the funniest thing. So after he got us all back to the truck,(except Cole cause I think they decided that would be a little awkward on the scooter together) we went to Madison Park to eat. Cole took us girls back to Bellevue.

Here’s the part of the story that is mostly told so you may or may not have heard this before(or are apart of this story… sorry Court :D ) We had all decided to go out to Belltown that night. So, we got ready and were downstairs waiting for Courtney. We realized that it was taking a little while and someone should check on her. So I did, and there she was… a little angel all swaddled up in her blanket. She had been sleeping! She later told us that she went to lay down for what she thought would just be a few minutes. Made the mistake of turning her light off and never got back up :) Tim had also decided to not come out so the three of us and another person went out that night.

Anyways, we had a great night going out, and although Cole and I danced together the whole time, nothing happened. We were still just friends… with a lot of chemistry.

The next few days Cole stayed with us and we got to know each other more and more. Everyday I got home from work, we’d go out to dinner or he was making dinner. After dinner Cole and I went to my room and watched TV on the floor till we both fell asleep. One of those times was when he kissed me for the first time.

So jumping back to last weekend and driving through Vallejo. It made me wish I would have been able to know Cole in college and wish we could have started our relationship earlier. But he says that he believes we’re together now because that’s how it was meant to be. If we had dated earlier, we may not have liked each other or may not have worked out. I still believe that deep down we would have had the same connection regardless and it very apparent from our past as friends that the chemistry was always there. But since the past can’t be changed, I should look at the future.

So after thinking about all the “what if” scenarios in my head, I have decided that no matter how many way I try to re-think the past, it won’t change and that the important part is we ended up here, together, married and starting a family. I’m pretty sure it’s all my hormones working on overtime, but I’m glad I thought about it. About our pasts, both together and separate.

It makes me more and more grateful to have him in my life. He’s such an amazing partner that sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve him. But he’s here. I like to look at other married couples in his family and think about us in comparison in a positive way. I’ve noticed how much his grandparents, on both sides, are still married and adore each other and I know that Cole and I adore each other the same. So I have no doubt in my mind we will last as well. We’ve always told each other that we never want to stop holding each others hand and hope to be that old wrinkly couple that holds hands walking down the street. So now, everytime we see an older couple, walking and holding hands, we smile at each other and know “that will be us someday”.

Lastly, I just want to say the reason I’ve decided to write this post is because I think all the time how lucky I am or how happy I am with Cole. I wouldn’t ever say I had “cold feet” but I did wonder if getting married would change the way I looked at Cole. Marriage is such a big commitment and very permanent and I worried if I would feel claustrophobic or something. Needless to say, marriage did change the way I looked at Cole. I didn’t know it was possible, but it made me love him more and adore him more. That saying those vows were nothing short of the best decision of my life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I couldn’t have picked a better spouse or future father.

Okay, I’ve gushed enough about my husband!! He’s amazing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a Girl!

Lots to update!

First of all, here’s the 19wk picture from last week. Its not all that different from the 17 week one. I’ve gained about 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks! Ugh! Doctor still says I’m doing good, so I guess I am! Haha

I am officially halfway and on week 20! Woo hoo and with that, I went to my anatomy ultrasound on Monday. It was really fun and interesting. We found out that it’s a GIRL! We have a beautiful little daughter to welcome into this world :) When we found out, I, of course, cried.

Let me tell ya, she’s STILL a mover! She was all over the place and the ultrasound tech had to chase her all over my belly to get all the measurements she needed. Then when I moved to my left side, she clamed down a little. Which is interesting because that’s the side I usually sleep on!

But they ended up getting measurements of her legs, arms, head, stomach, heart, open hands and spine. She definitely made the ultrasound tech work for it! We were there for a good 2 hours trying to get them all.

The most asked question now is “Do you have a name yet?”. No we definitely don’t have a name yet. We were kind of preparing ourselves for a boy so we have a boy name all ready to go! But as for a girl, we have a few names we’re kicking around, but nothing we’re set on. So until we are set on a name, we’re not saying anything.

What we’ve learned from the first few months of pregnancy, is everyone wants to “help” with names. But Cole and I want to pick it out for ourselves and really don’t want a lot of opnions. It makes the whole process that much more complicated. Then if you add the “well.. this name would be good cause its your aunt so-an-so.” Just makes its all into a bigger mess. So, when we have a name, and we’re ready to share. We will, but until then we don’t have much. It’s a lot of pressure, so we’re trying to take our time with it :)

Her Face

Left Leg (hopefully ballet legs like mom!)

Her feet: Looks like they need little slippers on them


She likes to play with her feet. Yes that huge thing by her head is her foot.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Or should I say Happy St. Pug-trick's Day!

Today, people say "why is everyone pretending to be irish?" well... just a side note. I'm an american with irish blood (my dad's side) so I'm not pretending. But Brody, yes he's pretending cause he loves sloppy kisses.

But it's St. Patrick's Day! Everyone gets to be irish today and enjoy it! It's a fun and happy day! One day, I would like to be in Ireland for this day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yoga and Body Aches

Nothing too exciting to report with the pregnancy..

We’re on week 19 and a baby bump picture should be up sometime this week. I believe I’m continuing too grow and haven’t hit much of a plateau in awhile. I can tell because sleeping in a comfortable position has become close to impossible and between my frequent bathroom breaks and hip/joint pain, sleeping soundly has become a thing of the past.

I am constantly looking forward to my next possible massage and have found that sitting in a pre-natal child’s pose and having Cole massage my back is one of the highlights of my day. My breast have grown so much that the only way my shoulders and chest find relief is when I lay on my side.

This prenatal yoga class has actually been really great. I am not usually into yoga or Pilates because I like cardio classes. But since that’s not an option right now, and thanks to a friend, I’ve found a new appreciation for yoga! It stretches me and so accommodating to pregnancy. Some of these positions are just simply comfortable to be in rather than feeling like “work”. Don’t get me wrong though, downward dog still hurts my wrists and plank isn’t something I can hold for longer than a millisecond, but its become more and more interesting to try!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Very Exciting Weekend NBR(Not Baby Related)

I had a very nice and exciting weekend and I just wanted to share!

After all the traveling my new hubby and I have been doing, it’s very nice to be home. Yes I miss California and all, but being back in Seattle and getting back into the groove of things have been really nice. Although, I don’t know what the future holds and hope to move closer to Sacrmento and family someday, I am becoming more and more content with Seattle. Maybe it’s being pregnant, maybe its being a very happy newly wed, or maybe it’s the friends. Whatever it is, I’m starting to find happiness here.

Cole and I have been enjoying our weekend home and not jam packed with plans. Finding the time to spend with the dogs and each other, and still finding the time for friends is becoming easier and more at our pace. (this means finding time to take my weekend naps on both Saturday and Sunday without rush :) )

Anyways! Why was this weekend so exciting?? Well, for one, our good friends Amanda and Tim got engaged!!! Yay!! We’re all so excited for them and they’re wedding day to come!!

And for two, Cole and I bought a car! We’re so excited! We have been considering a family car for almost a year now. No, we weren’t exactly planning for the baby so soon, well… Cole wasn’t  But we’ve been keeping in mind that my 2 door Acura RSX would eventually need to go and a 4 door car of some kind would need to be purchased.

So after tons of research on Cole’s part, and one too many conversations about cars that drove me crazy, we finally found one that fit the criteria’s. 1. I liked it 2. Cole liked it 3. Babies would fit easily with a stroller 4.gets at least 25 mpg on the highway and lastly, 5. All wheel drive to survive the snow.

So what did we find? The Infiniti G25X.

We’re picking it up today or tomorrow! So we ‘re really excited. (mine will be white... like the pug) Now, might be thinking “does she really think a baby and stroller can fit in that car?” Well, yes I do. Actually I know it can. Cole and I happen to go to the dog park 2 weeks ago and saw a women, getting out of her G25x, with a dog, baby, and stroller, all by herself. So, it definitely helped knowing that it will work :)

Hopefully I will get it soon and post pictures :)

Lastly, Pugmania is on June 18th! What is Pugmania you ask? Well, it’s also known as Pug-a-palooza! Yes, its probably the loudest dog gathering around :) All pug and pug mixes join together for a day in Seattle. There are pug races, and pug kissing contests, pug costume contests, and even pug agility. So, Since this is the first year Brody and I are available to attend, we’ve decided that Brody will be entering the races and the agility contest! Brody is a pretty fast pug since he does chase Taylor and her BFF Nutmeg, but the agility is a whole other beast. So, remembering that my friend Amanda had recently mentioned wanting to make an agility course for her dog, Nutmeg, we starting talking about how to make this work :)

So we have started getting idea’s of the best ways to make our own agility course. So far, this has consisted of plastic gardening stakes for the pole weave, a cut out tunnel laundry basket for the tunnel, and PVC pipe made into a dog jump.

Brody has a couple months to get his agility on, but he will get it! I think the weave will be the hardest thing for him to get. But I think he can do it! Go Team Brody! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

17 Weeks Picture and Pregnancy Dreams

For my Blog readers first! (even before facebook!)

The 17 wk picture :) I’ll put it next to the 15wker so you can see the difference. It’s a small difference, but it’s there!

So I don’t know if its because of the intelligender test or what, but I had a crazy dream. First off, pregnancy and dreams. Just in case you didn’t know, apparently some pregnant women mention they have the weirdest dreams while pregnant. I have definitely been experiencing this. Some women get strange dreams and some women have sexual dreams. Most of mine have just been bizarre.

So I haven’t had dreams about the baby’s gender at all. Actually being pregnant hasn’t even occurred in my dreams. Until last night. I won’t go into all the weird details, but I was telling someone about my SON! So weird. I didn’t say his name, but just that I had a son. I wonder if it had to do with the intelligender test or not. But it was a weird and very pleasant feeling.

Also, before bed, I was staring at how big I’ve gotten all over my body and I said to Cole “How can you love me when I look like this? I’m so unattractive!” and his wonderful husbandly response was “babe, I love your personality” ……. DOGHOUSE! j/k he did say that and then laughed and said “I love you pregnant, you’re so cute and round” Still a little bit of a backhanded compliment, but I’ll take it :)

Anyways, I think that also incorporated into my dream. In my dream, I was telling someone about all my baggage and about how my husband and I were getting separated because he wanted a divorce. I assume because I got fat . Dreams are so bizarre. I’m glad they are just dreams and not real life.

I’m not actually big on telling people my dreams, because they are just dreams and not very relevant to actual life. But I decide to blog about this because it was the first time I had one of those “oh my goodness… “Im gong to be a mom” moments.

Lastly, we got this cute pregnancy belly ring for me. I need to cut it to be small still, but wanted to share!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Intelligender Test and other Gender Prediction methods

After reading a few people talking about this “intelligender test”, it finally sparked our curiosity to try it.
So we did. There is definitely no 100% guarantee of it being correct. It probably has the same likely hood of being accurate as the Chinese gender chart. Anyways, a trip to Walgreen and $35 later, its finally at our home ready to be used.
Now if you’ve never heard of it, I will tell you what it is. It is basically an at home gender test that you can use as early as 10 weeks. Well, we are at week 17 and are eagerly waiting for out next ultrasound to find out the gender of our little one. There are 3 componets to this test. 1. a regular plastic cup 2. a cup with a lid and one side that says “boy” in a brownish color and “girl” in an orangish color.3. a syringe, no needles.
So how this works is, you wait till your first urination of the day. Right as you get out of bed. Which I can imagine will be tricky to remember that early if you don’t have a adorable husband who wakes up earlier than you and wake you up an hour before you should and says “babe….. do you want to go to the bathroom now?” haha he’s so cute
So you get up, step 1 :) and pee in the plastic cup. Then you take the syringe and get 20ml of your early morning pee and put it in a hole at the top of the cup with a lid. Then you discard the remainder of the pee and swirl the sealed cup for 10 seconds. Next you rest it on a white surface for exactly 5 minutes.
There was some powder on the bottom of the cup with the seal. Actually some of that powder looked like glitter so it really started to make me wonder…
After 5 minutes if the liquid was now a brownish color, it is a boy. But if it is an orangish color, then it is a girl.
Wondering what color it turned for us? :)
Well, it turned BROWN :) for BOY!

So now our standings look like this:

Intelligender test: Boy
Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
Old wives tales: Girl
Family: Girl
Some Friends: Girl
Some Friends: Boy
So who knows…
We'll find out in about 2 weeks! Either way, we are thrilled. So if you're wondering if we've thought of names yet? Well, go ahead and keep wondering. We've decieded that we are going to keep it a secret until we have a name we're sticking with. Basically because we dont want anyone's opinion. We want it to be our own :)

Hopefully Cole and I will remember to take my 17wks bump picture tonight. Ya know, before we fall asleep at 8pm :)