Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was looking at one of the many blogs I follow and one wedding had this amazingly elborate invitation!!!
Turns out the invitation designer, Lehr&Black, is a celebrity invitation designer. If you go to their website, you can see Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, the should have been Ben Afleck/Jen Lopez wedding invite, Shaq, Eva Longoria Parkers, and more. Quite a few are divorced, but I doubt its a trend. Its interesting how much celebrities can put into these!!!

and their cool programs!

and place cards/menus with jewels!

the next thing I am working on is to make door hangers for the Bride and Grooms "getting ready" rooms. They will look something like this, with my own little twists of course!

Thats all for now :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cole is such a good Bridesmaid... I mean Groom :)

So this weekend, I wanted to take time to finish some of the many little DIY projects I have been thinking of.

But before we get to my homemade stuff, I wanted to add a couple things to my wishlist!
First of all, I have been on a kick looking for shoes and I saw this picture!

(Photo: style me pretty)
They are obviously custom and unattainable. The bride works for a shoe company so they were able to get the soels made for her. They are soo nice though! I love them!
(Photo: "oh so Beautiful Paper")
Another is sationary. Since my bachlorette party in Las Vegas is "Twilight" themed, I thought these cards would be SOOO cute as thank you cards. But I can't get to them either as they are samples at the 2010 National Sationary Show!
(If you can't read it, it says "We go together like teen girls and vampires" hahaha)

So this weekend, one of my MOHs, Courtney helped me go shopping for all my supplies! Then, Cole spent saturday night and all of sunday helping me put these guys all together. Two of my projects are still unfinished. One, being the favors for the bachelorette, which I wont be posting until after the party and, two, my "just married" sign. Which I should get done tonight.

The easiest thing to get done was painting the hair on the wedding topper! The wedding topper I like, which I had previously posted, only came with a blonde bride. So I had to paint the hair brown. It was easy but nerv-racking!

Next, We had the letters "C" and "H" to put at our sweetheart table! These will not beon sticks at the table though and hopefulyl not lopsided either!

We painted and decorated paper mache boxes to create a "card box" to put on our gift table. I'm thinking I will have to add to it so people know its a card box. Is it tacky if I put "CARDS" on the front?
Heres the top

Heres the front
Lastly, the hair clips we made for our bridemaids and MOH's. The ones with 1 pearl are for the MOH's as I may change the pearl for them. We'll see!!

Yes, this plus adding coats of paint to the "Just Married" sign took all weekend. Hopefully I can get pictures of that up soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wishlist and Wedding Coordinator

How cute and appropriate is this button??

so here's the thing, the blog SMP (Style my Pretty) has soo oooo ooo many wonderful ideas, its hard to keep up. But they blog a lot in one day which is good for my attention :)

Of course, here is more to add to my WISH LIST!

Now if I had been informed enough to match the bm's shoes to their flowers that would be wonderful! But it would require all of them to buy new shoes. As of now, they can pick any black heels they want. Even ones they already have, weddings are expensive and I didn't want to add more cost to the girls. Although, If i had all the money in the world, I would totally buy all their shoes, all be the same, match their flowers, have a printed SHORT dress and a solid colored cardigan..... I'm just sayin :)

Today, Cole and I met with our Day of Wedding Coordinator Afton. She is wonderful and I love her already! She is so on top of it all and not overwhelming. In the one hour I met her, she already put my mind to ease. Some one else, will be making sure the wedding goes well and its guaranteed that she will make it happen cause its her career! She doesn't need to make sure her up do is ready or know where her cuff links are. Just that all the BM's and groomsmen are ready as well as the florist and cake and music..... So no one else on that day will have to majorly multi task but her. It was sooo nice to hear her say "I want all the questions to go through me. I don't want anyone to ask the either of you questions that day....just me" Whew!!!! Shes an angel :)

guess what I'm going to talk about now....... you guessed it... SHOES!

I have seriously spend more time on my shoes than my dress, and I bet i will end up with a plain pair of kicks.

but for now, my search continues. I still LOVE the Marylin shoe, but they are quite a few buck-a-roos and its kind of a lot! seeing that I have already purchased one pair of shoes I can't use.....I may still get the Marylin's I'm just disappointed by the height. Even though they are still high!
In case you forgot what they look like, here the are:

they glisten WAY more in the store with the perfect lighting hitting them :)

So here's another one I am checking out. Its less $$ which is good, but sometimes that makes me worry about quality. Anyways, I saw this picture on a SMP blog and LOVE how they shine.

Aren't those girls pretty!?

Anyways, the website didn't give any information on who the shoes are made by or anything. SO I had to just "google" what I knew.. T- Strap, Crystals, heels?
Then I found these and I think they are pretty close!

What do you think? I like them, but I also like the Marylin's..... I need some serious help.

i know that no matter what I pick, the next day will be something bigger and better......for shoes that hide under my dress the whole day anyways! haha

whats a bride to do :(

Monday, May 17, 2010

Over worked, over whelmed and over loved

Yea, the title is a little narsastic, but after watching "Julie and Julia" for the first time this weekend, isn't that what a blog is?? haha

So I have been working over time everyday this last week as well as working on saturday. I also get to repeat this process this week!! I was sooo tired on saturday and sunday from everything that has been going on, that I feel asleep at 630pm both nights. It was crazy. I also slept for 10-12 hours per night. Usually when I over sleep, I feel groggy the next day. I definitely don't feel groggy, but I am still tired. can't wait to be back on my normal routine. There is too much to do to mess up my schedule!

So one big thing, is wehave decided we are hiring a wedding coordinator for the day of. Although, this is a big help, it will not go without saying, she is NOT a wedding planner. I still have to figure everthing else out and let her know what is going on. Not the other way around. Wedding planners cost at minimum $2500+ in Seattle. Coordinators are about $400-$2000. Depending on what you need. We're needing about mid range in there. She will be facilitating everything the day of the wedding. From coordinating vendors and making sure that both Cole and I are on time for things, etc. :) Unfortunately, there is too much and too many guests for me to be the head point person AND remember my role as the bride the day of. Although i have my bm, I want them to enjoy themselves at well. THey are no means "salves" for the day. They are my loved friends, and I will not want to treat them as if they were anything else. .....  that being too bossy?? well, of course I am asking them of other things, but those are surprises, and everyone has the right to say no :)

With that, I am also going to admit, I am NOT a low key bride. I knew that from the begining though. Sometimes, a wedding can become a beast bigger than yourself and there is nothing you can to about it. Esp, when people keep giving you "ideas" you can do at your wedding.... trying to remember all the suggestions based on how many guests, its exhausting and overwhelming!!!

If you can';t tell, im at the "details" part of the wedding planning. Shoes, songs, timing, photos, who walks with whom, who will be in what pictures, where will certain pictrues take place? Should I have my ring sautered together before or after, what kind of tie should the boys have, bridal party gifts, dieting, etc.

So for shoes.... I went to luly yang, to look at the bridget shoes. When i went I saw these other lovely ladies....

In person, they glisten and sparkle and its hard to not fall in love with them!!!! My ONLY problem with them, is they are 3 3/8 inches. Where as the bridget is 4 1/4 and I like high heels. Im short and even in my highest heels, cole is taller than me!!!! Oh well, these will probably be better for dancing.

Not sure what to decide still......

Lastly, I recieved the COOLEST thing in the mail this weekend!
Its a hanger for my wedding dress!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

yes.... shoes again :)

Shoes seem to be harder to find than the wedding dress!!!!

So my wonderful Coulston, has already found his shoes. But that was easy. He knew what he wanted "a black dress cowboy boot". Although he would love to have all his groomsmen in cowboy boots, asking everyone to spend an extra $150+ dollars on boots, is not very fair.

Anywho, he loves his shoes and thats all that matters :)

Now, as some of you readers know, I have had the hardest time picking out shoes. SO this month, I have decided, I am picking them out!!! But my one requirement is, I have to see them in person before I purchase them. No more fakey/dont like em issues...

So I have narrowed it down to looking at these lovely ladies:

This one I am sure is familiar, the bridal isis by pour la victore

Pros: Cute Blue Sole, pearls and rinestones, very high heel, and price is reasonable ($186)
Cons: the pictures all look cheapy and cheesy. Nope it looks better in person. the white is leather and not satin :( but then again, satin might be overkill. The buckle is a little, blah..... yes, I care about the silly buckle!

Next is...

Bridget by Benjamin Adams

Pros: Satin, high heels, some rinestones, cute buckle and cute design, and a quality brand, comes in ivory. the sandal-ish look is cute!
Cons: I have no idea how much it costs, much more simple than the Isis, no blue sole. :(


Dita by Benjamin Adams


Pros: LOVE the buckle and brooch! (again, pearl and rinestones), comes in ivory, good brand, very high heel,
Cons: Don't know the price, dont like the sides of the middle of the shoe and wold prefer to to not be sling back with those sides, no blue sole

As you can see, I like a lot of the same things about each. So I have to see them on my foot. its hard to tell, but I have to figure out which will make my talon-like feet look somewhat attactive :) NOW thats what will sell :)

As of now and via pictures, Cole likes the bridget, which I do too. But I want to be a fair fight :)

As for my doomed, fake Loubutions? I have conceeded to wearing them at the rehersal dinner. They are still a very cute style and althought I did get some money back from complaining..... I might as well wear them!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a thought

If I havent mentioned it before, I LOVE LOVE the Style Me Pretty Blog and the Oh So Beauitful Paper blog..... they are so wonderful and allow me to dream about a dream wedding :)Although, sometimes the paper blog makes me think of babies and baby shower.... ;)

Cole is away in Portland tonight so he will be saved from my fantasy wedding ideas for today. I think that I will be enjoying many episodes of the office as well as girly movies for the evening :)

Here is the latest from style me pretty on things I want....

Would this be so cool to have hanging up at the reception!?

Also... check out the envelope liner... yes I'm talking about envelope liners! Its hard to see but its in the picture in the top right corner and it says "hello" in cool font.... I've seen it before, and in the rsvp card it has matching liner that says "RSVP". I WANT it! :) Also check out that amazing vintage umbrella.... what would a Seattle wedding be without an umbrella!?

That blog amazes me on a daily basis.... just like Cole :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I'm back from my fun little adventure to California for a weekend! We drove and I am still very exhausted. My eyes are very swollen and have to work extra hours to make up for the work I missed. I even have to work the next to saturdays :( but it will all be worth it in the end.

I dont have amny pictures from the wedding since I saw so many other cameras snapping photos, I figured I could possibly get my hands on some to post later. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and it was a great time! The bride looked absolutely stunning!!! I hope I can look half as good as she did!! now.... me on the other hand... I did not look so great. Which is fine...but wow.

Ok so here is the picture I handed the stylist:
This was the result.... a growth on the side of my head. granite... I did like the idea, just not as a bm hair style:

I made the best of it though. :)

I do have more fun things to add to my wish list!!!
If I were to have an outdoor wedding, I would have LOVED these:

and of course being able to find these lovely ladies...

Thats all for now. I am so tired and still so much work to do.

My little break from wedding planning is over and now have to go back into planning it all. I am excited for it, but I am also excited for it to be over :) Cole has been the most amazing boyfriend and now fiance. He noticed that there was a lot of work and agreed that we should hire a day of coordinator. Also that he would take over planning the honeymoon. He's so amazing :)