Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wedding Planning: Venues, Where and When

I'm noticing that when you get engaged and "try" to soak in the feeling of just being engaged, the first thing everyone asks you is "when are you getting married? Where are you getting married?". I think its definitely out of kindness and showing interest in your celebration. But I dont know the awnser to those questions until many conversations with the fiance and parents are had. Buget, whos doing what, wedding party, where, what season, friday or saturday or sunday! There is just so much that needs to be considered.

I think, In the 2 weeks ive been engaged, I've already stressed out twice and thought "can we just go to the courthouse tomorrow?". The 2 main things that I have found stressful is 1. bridesmaids and 2. venue.

1. Bridesmaids: its diffcult having moved to a different state and creating my life up here. Now not only do I have family to consider, I have my Seattle friends and Roseville friends. Obviously my rsvl friends are LONG time friends, but my Seattle friends are my everyday friends. So, I've accepted the fact that I will have a somewhat large wedding party, and even then, I wont have everyone I want. I have already sent out my bridesmaids cards but havent recieved acceptions/rejections yet so I don't want to post who I asked. It was still difficult and there are people I didnt ask to be in the wedding party that I wish I could. But then I would have everyone up there with me! hahaha. I did take this issue as a good thing in a way. I have been very lucky to have a large amount of good friends to stay in my life and I couldnt be happier.

2. Venue: before the venue is the city! Sacramento or Seattle! While in Mexico, Cole and I had a lot of downtime and thought about the wedding. We decided that our lives and our relationship is in Seattle, therefore thats where we're getting married! Also, it would give everyone who said they would come visit and havent made it up a chance to come and visit! Then we both liked the idea of a fall wedding, so October. Now we're looking at venues and are flexible on the date. Whew!

So much to think about it makes me dizzy! Thankfully, I have a WONDERFUL fiance, and he is keeping me calm and being involved in the process. It really feels like I have a partner in all this and is a glimpse of what its going to be like to be Mrs Coulston Van Gundy, and it looks good :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009 and before

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but every year I try again to enjoy myself. :) My first year in Seattle was a good time.

Oct 2006: One of my better Halloweens. Cole and I were just friends, but starting to test the waters on dating. I recieved tickets to the University of Washington Homecoming game vs ASU and it was a package deal. I got the tickets from a Husky Alumni that just happened to be a VP at work at Matson. I took Cole along with me and we got to take a boat from Mercer Island to the UW stadium. Free food and drinks all day. Once we docked up, our seats were fantastic! We watched the whole game. I monitored the cheerleaders technique and Cole watched the game while "putting on the moves". The arm around the shoulders, sitting closer, offering me a drink, and cracking jokes. Once we got back, we parted ways and I met with my friends to go out. Cole stayed home and fell asleep :)

Oct 2007: I had just quit my job at Matson realizing my lack of interest in sales. So I was unemployed. It's never fun being unemployed. My roommate kindly paid for my costume and we all went out to a party. Unfortuntely, the night ended with a very bad fight with my roommate and somehow I felt somewhat reminded that I was sadly unemployed and Cole had been away for a month.

Oct 2008: I was working at a company I had never heard of before. I was there a decent amount of time and trying to make the best of my time there. Although I enjoyed my job and duties, I was still uneasy about the company. Trying to be festive, I dressed up for halloween in my old cheer uniform that I suprisingly fit in. Mid way through the day, I was laid off. IN MY CHEER UNIFORM!

Well, now for Oct far so good. I got engaged to the most amazing man in the world, who was literally the boy next door that I never met. (Side Note:When we are back in Roseville, we drive around late at night and point out places we went to when we were younger and how different our expierances were. But then there are areas that we've both been to and probably at the same time!) I had a fantastic birthday with all of my friends, and got to go to Mexico and had a blast! Now I get to plan a wedding with Cole... things are going good. Now. If I can only figure out a "get thin quick" plan for this wedding :) hahah

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct 29th

Today is my dad's birthday! Happy 55th!

This is going to be short. I havent seen the sun outside today at all. It feels likes a day of complete night! Its really pretty out side in a fall kind of way. Misty and cold with foliage. It actually feels more like winter than fall. Which is exciting because I love decorating for the holidays!

In spirit of Halloween I read a few scary stories of Seattle's haunted buildings and creeped myslef out. Now I dont even want to go to the bathroom! I'll get over it. My favorite is about the happenings in 1921 1st Ave in Seattle. Very interesting! I want them to open a new restaurant so I can go and scare myself! Im sure whatever opens there will get very good business.

anyways, Cole and I are still looking at venues even though we have one in mind that we are very interested in. We'll see how it goes!

We're going to a Halloween party in Seattle called Fangtasia. Its a vampire party, but you dont have to dress up as one if you dont want. I am, but thats because I had been planing on it for awhile anyways in the spirit of Twilight :) I am going to be a newborn vamp, which means red contacts, drooling blood and sparkling skin :)

ok, thats all for now.

Quote of the Day: " I ate too much"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Proposal

We have been asked a few times about how Coulston proposed to me. Its kind of a long story so starting this blog seemed like a good idea. So this is how it went.

It was Oct 16 2009 and I came home from a long day at work. I was super tired coming home from work friday night cause I spent a lot of time in traffic due to the recent rainfall. I was also kind of grumpy because Cole nervously backed up into my car eariler that day at lunch (later to find out it was due to nerves). So im home, going up the first set of stairs, and looking around the dining room as I usually do as a joke like "so is there anythign special up here". Everything looked normal and I was really tired. Obivously Cole was starting to make dinner, (salmon and rice) and wanted my help. So I go in the kitchen and he asks what he should do to season the salmon. I brush him off and say "anything, im gonna go lay down on the couch" So Im headed over there and he pulls out something from under the skin and he says "Why is this here? Did you do this?" and it was a How to propose: Seattle Style book that we got fromt eh jeweler months ago. And Cole has been hiding it from me since. So I REALLY didnt think anything of it.

So i say "no, im sure you put it there to hide from me and forgot about it!" So I proceed to the couch. And he brings the book to me and says "well, you can read it now if you want since I already know how im going to propse to you." So, the smart a*s i am, grabs the book by the corner and shakes it as if I was shaking something out of it. Nothing comes out so I say "Nope, nothing im interested in, in here" and I throw the book on the couch. Then Cole picks it up and hands it back to me and says " I think you should look at page 28. " STILL, I didnt realize what was happening and I thought it was just going to be a good story. Im flipping to the page and the ring is inside the book. Then Cole got on one knee and asked to marry him. My response was " I messed it up, didnt I! But yes, I will marry you"

And now we are on our way to possibly one of the most stressful years' of our lives.... the year of wedding planning.