Thursday, June 16, 2011

The last few weeks....

So, after reading this you'll think... "why didn't she write this eariler?" Well, I just knew it would be a long story and was still getting used to typing on my netbook. Warning, everything is TMI but it is how it is...

On Friday, May 27th after work, I noticed I felt a "leaking" feeling. Almost like I had lost muscle control and was peeing. It was so awkward! So I rushed to the bathroom leaking on my way there. Then I thought to myself "well, maybe this is just a random pregnancy thing. I'm 29 weeks pregnant!". Then it would happen every 20 min afterward. Before this started, I was feeling a little neasuaed, so I took some medicine that will help and also make you sleepy. So, I was constantly leaking/peeing and super tired... I put down 5 towels and laid down to sleep. Getting up constantly running to the bathroom all night. I was so tired, I kept telling myself "I'll call the doctor in a few minutes...". Cole was also working overtime all week and exhausted, so he also didnt think anything of it and wanted to sleep, just like I did. So finally, 730am on saturday morning comes around and im rushing to the bathroom again. Cole wakes up and I tell him, I don't think its pee, but i dont know whats going on. So he pulls out his "emergency numbers" card we got from our hospital tour.

On the card it says "if you are experiencing leaking or a gush of water, call your doctor immediately". whoops....

So Cole calls the doctor and the doctor says she will call labor and delivery and we should head there right away. So we bring our few dry towels left from the night and a few wash rags since I had no pads in the house at all, and head to the hospital. This is memorial day weekend and we were planning on heading to Idaho to visit Cole's family later that day. On the way to the hospital, we're still thinking that its probably something that could be a "quick fix".

I wasn't in pain or anything, just leaking a ton of liquid! So we get to the hospital and get checked in and they bring me to the oasis. Once in there, we explain the situation to the nurse and she tells me to change into the hospital's mesh panites and a huge pad.  As the nurse helps me change and Cole is holding me up, guess had been 20min and I leaked all over the nurse. She was confident in telling me that my water broke.

I moved straight from the oasis to a post pardum room. There they did a few other tests, started an IV, ultrasound and many other uncomfortable tasks...They basically told me they were going to try to prevent me from going into labor for at least 2 days so that the steriod they had given me would help the baby mature her lungs.This is when it set in for Cole and I that we were no longer going to Idaho.

They put me on a few antibiotics to help avoid infection, Magnesium to help avoid labor, and a ton of pads. We saw a perinatologist along with an OB from my OB's practice. They told me that women who rupture their membrane, (aka break their water) about 75% go into labor with in a week.

Well, its now June 16th and I am still in the hospital on bedrest. On saturday, I will have been here for 3weeks. Its been tough to get used to and also knowing how this was not in the plans. But I take everyday as it comes and know that my baby will be here someday and the more I stay, the better for her. At this point, She has lost most of her amniotic fluid but sitll has a solid heart beat. As if the lack of fluid isn't bothering her. She was 3lbs 7oz when we came in in May, and is now 4lbs 4oz. So the time here has helped her. Unfortunately, within that time, she has decided to flip over and is now breeched. So she earned herself a c section. Also, not in the plan.

I weight the pros and cons in my head about the c section, even though there isnt a choice in the matter now. Having major surgery scares me but I know that there isnt a way around it now! So the game plan is if the baby decides shes not happy in my belly, they will go get her. But if she seems fine, they will wait till July 1st to deliver. I have an appt on July 1st at 4pm to have the c section. So we'll see!!

With all this bedrest I have had a hard time. My butt is always numb, I've been leaking non-stop, and they dont encourage me to walk around. Needless to say, I've seen the outside of my room twice since ive been here. Its been very tough mentally to be so confined, but I remind myself that its not about me now.