Friday, February 25, 2011

I am the "pregnant lady" Stereotype

I can’t tell what’s bigger lately. My new found extra chin, or my already giant chest getting bigger and bigger. I think that between the two, they are going to start fighting for space. Geez!
It’s been an interesting week. Started off with a fantastic 3 days weekend that ended with our OB appointment. Then the weather decided to get tricky on everyone and snowed. But it snowed more in different areas. For example, it snowed quite a bit at the house and not very much at work. So even though we managed to get a decent 7inches at our house, Cole insisted I have good work ethic and that we’d take the truck and he would drive me to work… another reason to get rid of the truck. (to enjoy a snow day)

I was actually glad I went in. My boss is from Idaho and isn’t too understanding about people missing work at all for snow. I wish he would at least look at the WSDOT cameras at my exit and be a little more understanding. You can bet, if we didn’t have the truck, I wouldn’t have come in. My car wouldn’t have made it out of the neighborhood with out hitting a few cars. I was a good employee for our recent snow storm. I didn’t leave early and I didn’t come in late! :) the only down fall, is I had a pretty bad fall today trying to get to the car. I stepped on what I thought was wet concrete. Turns out it was solid ice and fell on my butt and lower back. Its starting to hurt but mildly.
Other than the snow, I am realizing I am WAY more sensitive than I have ever noticed myself to be. More and more people are upsetting me over the simplest things. I have actually considered cutting myself off from people until I can manage to 1. confront the people that are upsetting me and to let them know what they are saying/doing are upsetting me or 2. learn to get over it, and remember the pregnancy hormones have officially made themselves at home.
I’ve found myself either extremely hurt, or angry or crying over something silly. Even this week, Cole and I were watching re-runs of jersey shore and I started crying. So its official. I’m a pregnant women stereotype.
I like to eat, a lot. My body is definitely bigger, I am moody, emotional and sensitive, and tried at all times of the day. Here’s the thing, I always heard about how women can be bitchy when they're pregnant and how someone people assume that women use pregnancy as an “excuse” to be mean to others… well. I’m here to tell you. It’s100% NOT an excuse. I wish it was. I try really hard to control myself by trying to not respond to things that upset me. But its hard and I only do it because I’m pregnant and its expected that the pregnant lady is going to be “hormonal”.

But if people who aren’t pregnant could practice it as well, it would be a much easier way to live.

Anyways, I just thought I would say now, for the few that may actually read this, if I am mean.. yes I am hormonal. But it’s not voluntary and I don’t want to be this way. But it should not be always brushed off as “she doesn’t mean it, she’s just pregnant”. Sometimes I do mean it.
Now for the crying…. Oh the crying. I cry watching almost every tv show now. I love Vampire diaries. I don’t know why, but I’m hooked. Okay, I do know why. Everyone on that show is extremely good looking and I love watching them all :) The fantasy stuff is interesting too, but still…. The actors and actresses are hott! Who ever did the casting should get an award :)
Anyways, I cried watching that, I cried watching Jersey Shore (when Sammi went home and Ron was being and immature dee-bag and throwing her stuff around), I cried watching the NEWS! I don’t know what’s happening to me. I was even able to not cry at weddings anymore…then at my cousin’s wedding I cried and I had the hardest time!!! Wow! I mean I guess it makes sense since she’s my cousin and a BFF, but I thought I would be able to hold it together. That didn’t happen at all!
I think that’s enough ramblings for today. Next week I will post a 17wks picture! Woo hoo! Probably won’t be too much different from the 15 wk picture, but who knows. I eat like a teenage boy lately.

EDIT: I just remembered another crazy pregnancy symptom I am suffering. Severe memory loss.... yes. Also known as "pregnancy" brain. I actually got into my car the other day, put all my stuff down and couldnt figure out what to do next. Turns out... I completely forgot my keys in the house still. (My car is usually in our garage and unlocked so that how I got in it. ) WOW. It's scary. Also on two different occasions my friend Courtney, had to remind me of a conversation or something we did and I had no memory of it at all!!! I usually have a greta memory and am also really good with remembering names! But the child I am brewing is casuing me turn into an new person. A person who forgets!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3rd OB Appointment

So we had our 3rd OB appointment yesterday and it went well. It was very short though. Just a “how are doing? Any questions? Are you feeling the baby move yet?” and then they checked the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler again and the doctor said “very good! 132”

Then she gave us the referral to the imaging center so we can find out the sex of the baby!!! We’re so excited but they won’t see us before 20wks, so our appointment to find out the sex is on March 21st! a month away! This is going to feel like the longest month ever!

There have been a few things I’ve discovered in the last couple weeks. 1. As much as I love the taste of it, my stomach can no longer hold fast food easily. No McDonalds, no burger king, no arby’s and no taco bell. The last two really break my heart, but I have been so sick after trying to have fast food, so I am taking it out of my diet. You would think with no alcohol, no caffeine, and no fast food, I wouldn’t be gaining as much weight as I am! Well, I guess that’s the sneaky thing about carbs. Oh I’ve gained another 4lbs since my last visit. My doctor said “good! You’re gaining weight!” Which was not the response I excepted. I expected “its great you’re gaining weight but you might want to slow it down a notch.” Oh well… it guess its good! I guess in her eyes I’ve only gained 8lbs… but I’m counting sicne the wedding.. and as I’ve mentioned, I’ve gained a steady 4 lbs each other since the wedding!! So, if you care to do the math, you’ll know how much I’ve REALLY gained  but its not all from pregnancy, so I guess I’ll go with what my doctor thinks 

Also, I am more tired now than I was in my first trimester! Last weekend was a 3 day weekend for Cole and I. I took a 2 hour nap, but sat and Sunday and a 3.5 hour nap on Monday!! I also went to bed early each night. I had no problem at all falling back asleep. The bad side is that I waste my day away sleeping. The good side? Cole does all the laundry while I’m asleep. This is usually one of my duties of the house. But he finished 3.5 loads during my Monday nap!

Lastly, this post nasal drip is driving me nuts! I constantly have, what I think is a headache and is probably sinus pain. I went to buy a netti pot and they were out. So I grabbed a saline spray that is suppose to do the same thing as a netti pot. I wasn’t doing it right. First… is came out my throat. Then just came out of the same nostril, then.. Cole decided I was doing it wrong and pushed it really far in my nose and my nose started bleeding. So I’m just going to wait till I can get my hands on a normal netti pot and go from there.

Lastly, I’ve decided. Brody wins for the “has the most sympathy pains in the house”. He eats ALL the time and is always hungry. He’ll eat whatever you give him. He doesn’t even need to smell it first. He sleeps as often as possible and only on comfortable surfaces. Can only exercise for so long before running out of engery. Recently has had lots of gas, AND…… today he woke up with me on of my many trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and as I left, Cole walked in to shower and I left brody in there. We both heard him whinning more than normal… then I hear Cole say “Brody!! No!! Stop!” HAHAHAHAH the little guy has had his pee pee accident in 2.5 years. Now, im not saying I had an accident, I just mean, he had to go really bad too and couldn’t hold it in any longer. Well, poor guy. He even tried to jump in the shower with cole before his accident. If he had made it into his shower and had his accident… he probably wouldn’t have been in trouble at all. Even though I doubt he realized there was a drain in the shower and if anything was trying to get dad’s attention.

Well… that’s the most recent updates!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kauai, Sharon's wedding and dealing with my hormones

Kauai was a great time!! Rather than bored with the details, ill just point out a few highlights and add some pictures!

Although it rained most of our time there, it was still great to 1. not be working, 2. be in weather warmer than 40 degrees 3. see whales from our window 4. Free place to stay (Thank Mom!) 5. not be working… oh did I say that already?? 6. be with good friends

Waimea Canyon - it's a little cloudy :)

Sunrise the second morning...

Luau at the Hyatt in Poipu

Jurassic Park Falls

Waimea Canyon from the Helicopter

Hanalei Bay

In the Helicopter

After Kauai, Cole and I flew straight over to San Francisco for Sharon’s wedding! It was SOOO fun! I was her matron of honor so I don’t have a lot of pictures from the actual wedding, but here are a few from the rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding ceremony :)
There isn’t any pictures of it, but when we were leaving, and I was saying bye to Sharon, I had one of those “obvisouly pregnant” moments. (I’m going to have another right now talking about it!)
I was hugging Sharon and our families goodbye. As I started to hug Sharon (oh goodness.. here it comes) I remembered that I won’t see her after her honeymoon…I won’t see her in a few months either… The next time I’ll see her is a year from now! The baby will be 5 months old! I forgot, that this was the last time I will see her until after she gets back from Korea! I was soo sad (and I’m crying …not loudly.. as I write this. DAMN HORMONES!) that I tried soo hard to stop myself from crying that I started to shake uncontrollably! I was shaking soo much I could tell I was shaking Sharon, against her will, too! Poor Sharon.

I don’t even remember what she said, but it was something along the lines of “stop” or “don’t”. I think she meant the crying and not the shaking :) Anyways, I of course started crying really badly that even after I was done shaking/hugging her I was still crying, even to the car. WOW. I didn’t think I would cry that much! I was definitely sad she was leaving, but it’s not like they are leaving indefinitely or something. I think it HAS to be the hormones and a combination of the fact that I will have to give child birth before she returns… which scares the living daylights out of me.

Rehearsal Dinner Fun

the DRESS!

Amazing Shoes

The Bride is ready!

Lastly, I’m now going into my 16th week!! Now that I can admit I’m starting to “show” I’ll start posting pictures. Let’s just be honest, I’ve gained weight from being so hungry all the time and I’m bloated as can be. I’ll definitely admit, I’m a little bigger than some girls at 15wks, but I would still prefer the “you’re gained weight?” comments to just stop :)

So I’m “bigger” than most girls at 15wks, but from what I’m hearing… they will gain it all later :)

some Last Kauai Pictures
that black nub in the distance is a whale
Sunset the first morning

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sharon's Bachelorette and NT Scan Appointment

So much has happened and ill try to sum it all up!

Last weekend was a blast! I flew to Sacramento to see Sharon and we went up to South Lake Tahoe with 16 of her closet friends! We had shared a cabin between the 18 of us and it was a great time! The first day we drove up and just hung out around the cabin. That night everyone had drinks, except me, and enjoyed a little dance party with games. Also, to everyone’s surprise a male stripper was invited. I won’t into too much detail, but he was definitely an older man, slightly balding and had no rhythm. He was even clapping off beat.

I’m sure he did his best and as much as Sharon did not really enjoy it or like the idea at all, she was a good sport about it and it made the night fun. I mean, how awkward is it when a male stripper comes and the bachelorette isn’t being a good sport?? Seriously… he’s standing there in a thong…. what’s he suppose to do now?

Hahahaha, it was fun to watch and everyone seemed to have gotten a good laugh from the show. I’m glad I didn’t have one at mine is all I can say  Well, I guess I did if you count being brought on stage at Thunder from Down Under. Which , I will say, those dancers have AMAZING bodies (and lots of hair on their heads…well at least the one that picked me did) so I was kind of okay with it!

Anyways, the next day we walked around the town, watched the sex and the city movie and got ready to go out. I, of course, napped twice during the day. We also did a mini shower where the gifts were suppose to be travel related and Sharon had to guess who gave it to her. She guessed mine right. The Tiffany’s Desk Planner…. I want one 

We went on a party bus to get to the casino Mont Bleu and went to club Opal. Were there was a pretty nice VIP area sectioned off for us! Lots of pillows and a big both to sit in. It was a great night! I was definitely sad to leave my family again. Since I got to see Jennie, Ivy (my cousin in law) and my mom too. I miss Sacramento so much.

Tuesday, we went to our NT scan. We went to Washington imaging center in Issaquah. It was great except they request you drink 24oz of water 1 hour prior to your appointment. With my bladder being an issue as it is, I was stressing out the night before that I would have an accident during the appointment. I even had a dream that I did!!

Needless to say, I made it just fine. I did find out why I’m soo tired too! The baby is moving around so much!! It was nuts! What a busy body just like it’s dad. We don’t; know the sex yet, and are very excited to find out! The baby is acting like my uterus is an anti gravity machine and is flipping all over the place! Most of the pictures we got to take home are random. No normal pictures because the baby would not sit still! I hope this isn’t a sign!
(Heres a picture of the baby's hand at it's mouth)

It was an amazing sight though. Sometimes, I forget I’m pregnant and I just feel fat and sick. It was so great to see there is actually something inside me causing me to gain and feel sick. I, of course, cried when I saw the ultra sound, again! This time, being able to see the spine and the arms and legs was just so amazing! The baby is starting to look really human! I don’t think the feeling of “I’m a mom” has really set in just yet, but it did a little more when I saw the baby look like a baby,…. With a giant head.
Heres a picture from the back and you can see the spine and an arm :)