Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a May Wedding

My friend Stephanie is getting married in 2 weeks! I am one of her bridesmaids and I can;t believe the wedding is actually around the corner!!

TI has helped me not think about my own wedding too much, but then sometimes it does! Stephanie was the one to actually recommend me to get my dress at demetrios and thats were she got her dress too. We were there las night for her FINAL dress fitting. It was really exciting and it's nice to watch someone going through all the wedding excitement before me. It gives me a better idea of what to expect and what to plan for.

Anyways, watching her in her dress, finally done and how great it looked on her was really exciting! Looking in the mirror thinking "THIS is my wedding dress!". She brought her shoes, jewelry, and undergarmets so she could see the final peice. I couldnt believe how stunning it all looked! I would show pictures, but to respect her privacy, I will wait till after the wedding. And yes, there will be pictures :)

All the little details that she has been fine combing through the last few weeks does make me stress a tish thinking of all the deicsions that are still left to be made for mine. But seeing her get through it, day by day, email by email, gives me hope that I can get through it too.

My main hope is to have no worries the day of. That all my BM's will know what I know and if a problem comes up, they would be able to help me handle it. I really hope to not stress about the production and think of what the real importance of the day is.... my vows to Cole. All day, thats all I want to think about.

But everyday up to Oct 2, I will think of the production :) haha But dont get me wrong, I want my BM's to have a great time as well, and hopefully nothign comes up and I will be able to "go with the flow" that day.

On an even lighter note, Cole and I LOVE our dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Our lives orbit around them. So this weekend, we took them to Marymoore dog park here in Seattle, and took them swiming. Taylor can swim already, but brody can't. So we bought him a life jacket to get used to the water. He took a quick dip and quickly returned to land. Here are some pictures of our wonderful canines :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Wish List items...

Because it never ends :) More of my favorites from Style me Pretty! Ok so this first one, focus on the middle picture of the printed BM dresses! Oh awesome are those!!! I wish I went with with pattern!! They are WONDERFUL! Plus the above the knee skirts with white cardigan, its perfect.
Ok for the next set, keeping on the tune of BM's, I LOVE these T starp gold shoes! Very summery and elegant!
Close up on the T straps and the red scarf is a great add on!

The middle picture, with the beautiful shoes.... I WANT!!!!
The bottom picture would be my dream venue. So large open backyard, perfect for enertaining and perfect for a wedding!

And to top it off.... and sparkeler exit!

ok thats it for now!

Wish List

After looking at many different wedding photos and subscribed to countless wedding and paper blogs, I have started a wish list of "If I could have done anything with my wedding.... this would be it" Well, it's a wish list, not because I am unhappy with what I picked, but because its fun. Side note, I am very happy that we are doing what we can do within our means :)

The dress.... I love my vintage looking dress, but this dress with these heels..... AMAZING! i picked this from the Style me Pretty Blog
Dont mind the girl not smiling. I like the headband

more to come on the wishlist!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bridal Shower Time!

Cole's Mom's friends, Donna Garton and Mary Ingersoll were very generous and threw me a bridal shower on April 10th!

It was an amazing time and it seemed like everyone had fun! There was amazing food, coffee and mimosas!!! The shower was held at Donna's house and lots of people were able to make it! Some speical mentions were my friend Lynn coming from Long Beach and Courtney who flew down from Seattle. Everyone there was very important to me and I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life to attend. Everyone's presence there means so much and it's a wonderful feeling to have so many people support our decision to get married!

There were many beautiful gifts and Cole and I love them all!

There was a game played.... it was very creative! I'm not ususally a touchy person, and rarely hug people, ut most of all, feet. Anyways, the way the game was played was, I was blind folded, and in front of my was a ledge. I had to reach out on this ledge and feet would appear. I didnt know, until after the blindfold was on.

I had to guess, which one was Cole. This was not a couple's shower, so I didnt know Cole was there. But it was a pleasant suprise. :) I had to feel their legs and feet. They all have the same legs, feet and bald spot on the back of their calfs. So, needless to say, I failed miserably and picked his youngest brother. :(

It was a fun game but the most difficult part was having to feel up my future Brother-in-Laws legs!!!!! Awkward, but the mimosas helped me get over it. haha

My RHS Girls doing the "Cheer Pose"

CMA Ladies

The bridesmaids... I need Sharon to photoshop herself and Steph in the picture

Thank you Tany for the Photos!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wedding Planning Bio: Updated!

I have slowly but surely been updating my planning bio!

Still more to come of course.

I'm so excited to go to Roseville and see all my friends and family! It will be a nice 3 day vacation from work and wedding planning... i think.

Sometimes I think, this time next year, what will i be thinking about? More work? Baby? New pug? Moving? who knows, but for now, I just look forward to finally having all this weddign stuff behind me.

but I do think it would be fun to work in a wedding dress store. I can't get enough of them!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Shoes and a little note on the Bridal Shower

Im headed to California this weekend for my bridal shower in Granite Bay!

Cole's mom(Lenny)'s friends, Donna and Mary have offered to throw me a shower and I am so excited to see everyone! Almost all of my bridesmaids will be in one room at the same time. Almost. Sharon will be in Korea, and Steph will be in Seattle. But Courtney is flying down and the three Sacramento BM's will be there!

Im more excited just to see everyone rather than open gifts. Opening gifts is so awkward! I guess I'll get over it with a glass of champange in my hand. I'll post pictures, if I remember to take any...

So, Im back on the big shoe hunt again!

So before I had found my dream wedding shoe. It was a white satin Christian Louboutin that was a d'Orsay Bow T style... I found a place that sold it. I ordered and a month later it came in.... The box was very shabby and have Chinese characters all over it! You can only imagine what I'm getting at here. anyways, I opened the box to see my babies.... and immediately, I could see the cheap looking satin and flimsy structure.

It hadnt even entered my mind that I could possibly be buying fake shoes..... and that is exactly what happened. Worst of all... they were not cheap in price but they were cheap in quality. I emailed the company and complianed. They offered me a $15 refund. ha!!! So, in true Korean form, I complained more! First off, they were LATE! they should have been in within a week of the order date, second of all they were the wrong shoe! The shoe I had ordered had a blue inside sole, this sole was nude. NOT what I had asked for. I didnt even go into the fact that they were fake as i am sure it was a no brainer to the company that all of their shoes were fake.

I offered to return them with a full refund. They told me to keep them and they would give me about 45% back. I would have had to pay for shipping it back to china so I just took that deal. So now i have a lovely pair of fake CL's in my closet... awesome. And guess what... I dont care. I spent a pretty good amount of money on them, Im going to wear them anyways! hahaha At they end of the day, they are still shoes! This is what I thought I ordered:

BUT they are not my wedding shoes. The quality is really cheap when you get a closer look at them and fit very loosly on my feet. I didn't decide to get one of the best photographers in seattle so they could photography my wanna be CL's. I know I sound like a brat right now, but really.... would you wear them to your wedding?

So, where am I now? Still shoeless.... Good thing I have month ahead and this didnt happen right before the wedding. Whew! :)

I have a few contenders at the moment though:

Here is my favorite so far, but Im not a huge "platform" fan. But I love the blue sole, and combinations of diamonds and perals!

And how cute are these bottoms!

Ok, well I still have time to think about it. I like the elegant look of the Badgley Mischka but I like the fun look of the pour la Victoire. Thoughts?