Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Traveling Co- Maid of Honor

So I have been reading my cousin/Co-MOH's blog and It makes me miss her so so so so much! She is traveling throughout Asia for the year and writing a blog on the way with her wonderful boyfriend, Jason. Their site is http://www.lifeaftercubes.com/. I follow their travels so attentively that every time they come out with a post, I am sitting on edge to read it! They look like they are having such an amazing time and I am so happy for them. I am also very jealous that they exploring the world with each other and going on this once in a lifetime trip. They saved plenty of money, quit their jobs and set out to asia with no real itinerary and decieded to go where ever they would like, with their visas permitting of course. Something that I could only dream of doing!

What does this have to do with wedding stuff besides the fact that she is my MOH? Well, she has been doign what she can while overseas, and traveling. She has been assisting in planning my bachelorette with Courtney, my other MOH and designing my website. She has also been around to listen to all my wedding planning and letting me know when im starting to get cranky about silly subjects. We email back and forth on almost a daily basis and I always look forward to the next email. She has really done an amazing job for someone who is not only on an opposite sleep scheulde, is out of the country and never in the same spot!

So about the wedding, and how this ties in; her travels have really inspired Cole and I to travel somewhere and have more of an adventure like theirs. Although, we are not leaving our jobs or are able to be gone for a year, we are spending 2 weeks in Europe. Okay, so I understand that going to Europe seems somewhat typical to some people since many people go on a back packing trip to Europe after college. But we didn't want to go somewhere where we would have a diffcult time understanding things(this is our honeymoon after all) but we also didn't want to go to a typical honeymoon spot either. Both of us have been to Asia (Thanks CMA!) and we've both been to different parts of Europe. But niether of us have been to Ireland!

Sharon's trip is amazing because its Asia and with the amount of time they have, they have the chance to go visit different corners of Asia that many travlers would not be able to see in 10 days or 2 weeks. We will not be able to have a trip like theirs, but we're doing the best with what we have and are very excited to get a small glimpse of what Sharon and Jason are getting to experiance. Everytime I read their blog, it makes me more and more excited for our honeymoon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party and taking a break!

Since I;ve been engaged in October I have been very busy with juggling the holidays, friends weddings, work and my own wedding planning. It's taken quite the toll on the pocketbook, but in the end its all worth it. With that being said, Im hitting a point where I just dont want to think about the wedding for a week and focus back on normal life, or the fun parts of the wedding planning!

All the big vendors are picked and ready, now for the little details. But before I start on that road again, Cole and I have decided to take a little break mentally from it all. Which is actually healthy for ourselves and our relationship. We plan to take another little break from it all in June to go to Victioria BC, but thats a little ways away. But during that time, we will not talk or discuss anything wedding.

As of now though, we are thinking about our bachelor and bachelorette party. yes, I understnad its still far away, and yes I get that it's really early to plan, but had I waited until now to do as much wedding stuff as I have, then I would be very stressed out! So, my bridesmaids have been amazing enough to understand that planning things early put my mind at ease and have already started the party planning. Cole and I have decided to do it on the same weekend in the same city. July 30th-August 1st in Las Vegas!

I look forward to seeing all my girlfriends and going away for a weekend. I really think thats the best part is just to go on a mini vacation for the bachelorette party. Also, because I miss Cole so quickly, we have decided to merge groups late saturday night while in Vegas. Im getting the vegas bug and i;ve only been once!

I'll post more later once the invites are out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedding Shoes and Honeymoons

My recent studies on all things weddings, is wedding shoes and honeymoon. For the wedding shoes, I have seriously looked high and low.... via internet, for what I think would be the best fit for me and my wedding dress. Problem being, my dress is very vintage and all the shoes I'm attracted to are very modern. I've noticed the trend where brides will not bother matching the dress and the shoes. They will have a beautiful white lace dress, then hott pink satin strappy sandals! It looks great! Then they would match the shoes with their flowers and so on.

For me, my dress is Ivory lace, and I like these white satin shoes.... I know its really not a big deal, but they are Christain Louboutin shoes and not exactly shoes I would EVER consider dying. So the difference is, would it look so bad to have white shoes and a Ivory dress? I get that most people will think I'm crazy if I think people will notice the difference between white and ivory.... but sadly, brides notice. The other option is they have the same style in Navy blue. Apprently Navy blue is a nice twist as the new "something blue" color rather than baby or tiffany blue which seems to be more popular. So with that, it would be kind of nice.... . BUT my wedding colors are eggplant and mango. (colors that sound like food appeal to me :) ) So it would be very miss matched..... The last thing I was thinking was go with a completely different shoe and find one in dark purple. This has been a failed serach thus far....so if anyone sees any that look good, let me know! I prefer a high heel....

This is the one I'm eyeing right now:

As for the honeymoon, when Cole and I were first talking about marriage and thinking about wedding plans, our first thought was to think about our honeymoon. We both wanted to go to Ireland. Neither of us have ever been there, but I'm half Irish and Cole's just been interested! Anyways, I have a huge fascination with the movie P.S I Love you.... now, maybe its cause the main character's name is Holly and there is a dog in the movie named Brody, but other than that all the views and shoots of the Ireland countryside has really made me think of it as a romantic area. Cole and I are the type that like to have our lazy time near a warm fire place and cold weather, and then we also like the city life and exploring new things. (except food.... im very closeminded when it comes to food)

So before the recent weeks, when people asked where we were planning on honeymooning we have said "Hawaii" because really, its an easier trip to go to the islands and use our Alaska Airlines miles and go for 50% off. But after some consideration we decided to go and do what we really wanted and go to hawaii in 2011. So the plan as of now, is fly to Ireland (haven't decided if we're flying into Shannon or Dublin) spend a week there Bed and Breakfast hopping, head to London for a few days, then to Paris, and fly on home! Since it is a few locations we're taking 2 weeks off rather than 10 days. I've been lucky enough to have gone to London and Paris, but it will be Cole's first time, so hopefully he'll enjoy it! now..... how to teach Cole some French.....:)

Ireland (Northern)