Thursday, December 1, 2011

Settling in

It's my first week back in Issaquah, and it's been nice. So much to do though. Still unpacking since Elyse went through 2 clothing sizes while we were gone, decorate for christmas, more unpacking and getting into a routine with Elyse. First and foremost, I want her to get used to her crib. While in CA she wasn't napping in her crib/pack n play. She was napping in her bouncer chair. Although we broke that habit, I now need her to get used to her crib in her room and not a pack n play. I know it doesn't seem like a big difference, but it is.

Anyways, previously I mentioned some projects I wanted to start. Well, since I've started scrapbooking I've really enjoyed it and am now on a roll :D I still need to get better at being more creative about the pages, but I'll get there.

Well Christmas came a little early this year, (well early as in Black Friday) and I got the camera I wanted to start one of my other projects. Photography. I'm no pro at all and am still learning how to use my camera and what all the features mean, but I'm excited and happy none the less. I want to take pictures of Elyse's first christmas and all her milestones this year. Hopefully I can learn how to use the software too and make the pictures really nice and dreamy too :D

While in CA I was able to use my friend's Digital SLR and setup a little photoshoot for Elyse and this year's christmas card! Since Cole and I are still trying to figure out how and when we'll lose our "pregnancy weight" or for cole "couvade syndrome" we won't be starring in our christmas card this year and instead our sweet pea will be doing the honors :D Heres a little sneak peak!

I've been playing around with the camera just about everyday. (with the most beautiful subject ever!) I am excited to get better at it and hopefully next year I can justify getting another lens or filter.

For something a little more non-baby related. We're going to california for Christmas!!! I know we just went and for a long time, but I'm thrilled to go back and see all my family and friends. I can't get enough. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Visiting California with Elyse

Two months ago, my mom and aunt came to Seattle. They were here to help out with the baby, visit and also kindly watch the baby while Cole and I enjoyed our anniversary night away. A few days later, they took the baby down to California, via airplane. I was going to meet them the following week, via truck after our friend's, Amanda and Tim's wedding. Cole had to go to Mississippi for work for 2.5 weeks so it made this time a good time for Elyse to meet the rest of her family.
This was her first airplane ride :D

Amanda and Tim's wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! It was also great to have Courtney and her bf Tyler there too. The next day, Courtney, Tyler and myself, drove down to Sacramento. It was soooo good to be reunited with my little one again. We stayed at my mom's house for 2 weeks. In the meantime, Elyse  got to see her all of her extended family. I also got a few nights off from mommyhood to see my friends.
Elyse was completely spoiled and showered with every gift imaginable! SO much clothes(tons that no longer fit) and toys! Although the trip was great to see family, it didn't go by without its problems. Everyone had their own way of doing things and their own advice to give. I just nodded my head and did whatever I was told. I did have the least amount of experience as a mommy and knew I could learn a thing or two. (even though I wanted to do things my way)
One of the main reasons we were in California was for the wedding of my cousin Auny.... or aka Jennie. I was a co-MOH and Elyse was a flower girl. It was sooo beautiful and the weather couldnt have been more perfect!

With Uncle Derek

Elyse met all of her family on my side of the family at Jennie's wedding. I barely saw her as she was being passed from person to person. Everyone giving her their love. It was a great thing to see. 
After the wedding, we were on our way to see more family. Elyse's great grandmother and great grandfather van gundy along with other van gundy family members were waiting in Fresno.
Uncle Kevin

Great Grandma Van Gundy or Nana

4 months old! (10/18/11)

Once we were back from Fresno, we had another trip! Elyse was going to stay with her great grandparents Chavez, while her mom and dad went to New Orleans for Cole's work. Elyse was well taken care of and Cole and I enjoyed one of our favorite cities ever. A vessel cole was working on was being christened and it was a big day. I was so proud of him. 
Nap time with Great gandpa(papa)

First Halloween! I'm a Cupcake!

New Orleans

Streetcar ride in New Orleans

After the christening, Cole had to stay in the south for work and I flew home alone to California. Two more weeks of him being away. But not without a packed schedule of family and friends and visitors. All for Elyse of course. 

Finally, the family was reunited. Cole flew to Sacramento and we got to spend 5 days together before thanksgiving. I dragged him to twilight, we saw friends, we had lunch, it was great :) Thanksgiving was at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Rancho Cordova. It was another perfect Thanksgiving. Korean American fusion and it was SOOO good :) We had turkey, Ham, rice, kimchee, potatoes, shrimp, short ribs, raw crab kimchee, jellyfish(yuck), mussels, gravy, and of course, we ate it with chopsticks :D

Last but not least, we drove all the way back, from Roseville, to Issaquah. It was a 2 day trip. Elyse did great the first 5 hours. Then she lost it. So we were trying to make it to Salem, OR the first day. Well of course, this was a much longer trip because we ran into the civil war football game traffic, all while Elyse was screaming her head off. She was DONE with that car seat. We did eventually make it to Salem, but that was pushing it. There was absolutely no way we would have made it to Seattle. We stayed with Cole's Aunt and then left the next morning. Also... more traffic. Elyse did good for the first 3 hours, then again... she was done. Needless to say, I don't think we'll be driving to california anytime soon. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Return of the Blog

So for the last few months, I've been on a bit of a bloggin break. Well, a break from the computer really. If its not easy to use on my iphone, then I haven't been using it. Mostly because I have been really focusing on how to be the best mom and stay at home wife I can be, but also...who am I kidding... I was also focusing on finding time to sleep. So blogging went to the way side.

Well, now I think I'm finally getting in a better sync with Elyse and balancing being a mom and a wife, and now a blogger. Notice, all of these things are easy to do from the house. Getting out of the house on a daily basis is still a struggle since Elyse HATES her car seat. I will take another entry to catch up all the great things that have been going on since my last entry, but first, I want to write down my future goals and projects.

So breifly, I quit my job back in September to be a full time mom and wife. Yes, I relize that many people are able to balance both of those roles and work. Well, it's not that I can't, its just that I don't have to right now. Cole and I are able to manage our budget off of his salary and since I am happy to give being a SAHM(stay at home mom) a try, then I am. On top of that, my position and Cole's both require long hours at work and that is just not what we want for our family.

But being a SAHM isn't just sitting on the couch, eating bon bons all day. It's much more, and more than even I knew. It's getting up at all hours of the night and day, it's diapers, and spit up, and laundry and clothes and food and all at the same time, trying to find time to conserve energy, find sleep, to avoid looking like a troll so that your husband enjoys coming home to you, it's dinner and breakfast and lunch, it's everything that took you five minutes to do before that now takes an hour. There is down time though. For example, right now. Elyse is down for ther afternoon nap and I've finished most of my earrands.

Anyways, going from a working woman to a stay at home mom, I've decided I need to give myself a few projects to keep myself going(as side from the baby). I say "projects" because some of them are goals and some of them are hobbies. So here they are in no partiular order.

1. Work on Myself - this is probably the main project that leads into all the others. Yes being a SAHM, means I'm a mom and my family is my #1 job/priority. But aside from that, I've noticed it's been easy to let myself go and become this blob that all I do is baby baby baby. Well, I want there to be more to me than that. So I am making this list to better myself in the process, ya keep my brain alive and moving and learning. So thats my first project :D

2. Get Healthly - when I say healthy, I mean it realively. Healthy in my way. Not everyone elses. Yes I'll probably start dieting, and I want to look better for myself and my husband, but it has to be my way in my time. So if you see me getting that carmel macchiato, lay off on the judgement. I'm not going to completely deprive myself of these simple pleasures all the time! But eating a little better, making better food choices and starting some kind of work out will be my start. Now I know that with the  holidays coming up, it would be ridiculous to really start dieting now. So come new years, I plan to start it. What is "it"? Well, I want to try P90X and I want to lose my baby weight by Elyse's first birthday. I know its hard and I may not completely succeed on doing the program, but I never know until I try... and so I'm going to try :)

Also, P90X gives me the ablity to workout from home at my own time(elyse's time). Unfortunately, the gym can't baby sit elyse yet so the at home workouts are the best bet.

3. Photography - As my iphone sits there and tells me I have too many photos and videos, I've decided I should make this everyday activity a real hobby. So i've asked santa(cole) very nicely for a canon rebel T3i and we'll see if he comes through :) I have sooo many pictures of Elyse on my phone and wish they were better quality so hopefully I will be able to take better pictures of her soon :D Althought taking a class would be nice, but who will watch my baby while i'm at these classes?? So I hope to find many online tutorials and maybe a few books to learn the basics. Any tips are welcome...

4. Scrapbooking - to go along with the pictures, I'm scrapbooking. I want to scrapbook the first year of Elyse's life. After that, I will print out photos and add to a photoalbum. But this project I have started. Im not so good at being creative with the pages, but I am doing it and proud of it!! I also want to finish my wedding scrapbook... which I have started...but barely.

5. Planting - I am hesitant to call it gardening since I don't have a garden. But my goal is to get 2 planter boxes and put 2 plants in them and keep them alive :) I will have to start off small and see what can survive the Seattle weather.

6. Knitting baby hats - Yes this is a little specific, but since I am the first of most of my friends and family to have a baby, I think making these hats for their up coming babies would be a great thing to do, plus a great baby gift!! I've started this and its really hard so we'll see. If anyone knows how to make these and wants to teach me, I'm definitely willing to learn!

7. Read - I've been reading more in the last few years (thank you girl with the dragon tattoo for getting me started) and I've enjoyed it. So I hope to continue reading more. I don't need the fancy, smarty pants books, just something entertaining :)

Okay so thats all my projects right now. This is already a long/overwhelming list as it is, but hopefully I remember to do these things and can focus on these projects and I make my transition from working woman to SHAM/W. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Story of Elyse - Part Two

Once I was in the OR, I started to shake. It was cold and I was scared. Everything looked so much more serious than the tone of everything back in my room. I saw all the tools and screens and all I could think was to "just take everything a step at a time. The doctor has done this so many times and there was nothing to worry about. I was strong, the baby is strong." So they had me sitting up on the table with my legs hanging over. The anesthesiologist, was preping. I had heard the spinal was going to be the worst part, so I was really scared and nervous of all this "pain" about to come from the spinal. I had asked so many people to make sure Cole could be there for me through the spinal so that I would be okay. They said yes, and probably were wondering why I had even asked.

Everytime the anesthesiologist touched me, I jumped. Not a good sign. I didn't want to jump when he was actually sticking me with a needle! I explained my nerves to everyone. Also, I was worried I would do something stupid like fart. I mean, I was in one of those backless gowns, top of my bare butt open to the poor anesthesiologist. They were about to give me the numbing medicine for the spinal, and I had my doctor, a nurse, (Laura) and Cole all standing in front of me trying to distract me. Then the anesthesiologist warned me that I would feel a pinch and some pressure. Here was the moment.... and it was exactly as he said. It was a pinch and pressure. It was nothing. Getting IV's were much worse in my opinion. Then he again mentioned a little pressure for the spinal, so I clenched and felt a very small amount of pressure. I couldn't believe that was the most "painful" thing.

Once that was over, they had me lay on my back, arms out. They put a wedge under one of my hips, put a curtain up around my breasts and positioned my feet so the bottoms of my feet were touching. From there, the anesthesiologist sprayed something on me to check that the medicine was working. They put in the cathader, which btw was STILL uncomfortable,  I still was nervous it wouldn't take. But my dr reassured me that they wouldn't start unless they knew the spinal had worked. So the curtian is now up and I hear my dr say "can you feel this? I'm pinching you". I felt something, but nothing painful. I figured, maybe shes a light pincher? I later found out from cole that she was pinching me with plyers and if I felt it, I would have probably been screaming.

Also, since I had told my dr to not tell me what was going on, I had no idea what was going on. Cole told me right after the pinching, they sliced me right open. I was so oblivious to it all. From there, I could see Cole peeking over everyonce and awhile but he also kept me in the dark. During the time that they actually had me open, I was thinking they were still preping. I had no idea what it actually looked like to have a C section, thank goodness, and if you don't want to know either, avoid googling it. I made that mistake later on.

Cole was great. I was very nervous and the spinal was actually making me shake a lot. I could feel stuff going on around my stomach but it wasn't specific and it definitely didn't hurt at all. Everything just felt like touching, or tugging or pulling, but not in a painful way. I guess having a little one inside kicking you for a couple months gets you accustomed to that feeling. Cole told me stories of our lives to distract me. It was so helpful. With my memory having become SO terrible with the pregnancy, it was nice to hear stories to remind me of things like little things on our wedding day, past holidays, honeymoon, and the dogs. Then I hear, "you have a beautiful baby girl!"

As happy as I was about it, I tired to not 1. look, or 2. panic. Why would I panic? Well... I didn't hear her crying. It made me really nervous. Cole could see and he was smiling, but when he leaned toward me I said "I don't hear crying. Is she okay?" he reassured me that no one seemed nervous, or panicked or scared. She didn't cry, but the neonatologist was in the room and just standing back looking while the nurses were working on her. Another reason to not worry since he wasn't in there getting his hands dirty. I could barely see the top of her head through all the people. But I knew that I wasn't going anywhere since I was being put back together.

Originally, I was soo scared of the surgery that I asked Cole to stay with me through the WHOLE procedure and to not leave when the baby did. But once the baby was out, I told him to go ahead and go with Elyse. I was okay and we both wanted to know what was going on. They took Elyse to the NICU and Cole went with them. I was a little nervous (again) after Cole left because I then remembered that the longest part was them sewing me up, and I just let my main distraction walk out the door!! I guess I had to listen to the drs now. Thankfully they weren't talking about what was going on AT ALL! They were talking about the UW basketball team. Whew! Although I couldn't pitch in on the conversation because I didn't know much about the UW team, it was nice to be distracted anyways. Cole came back for the end and told me about our new little addition and how she was doing. I felt calm after Cole had updated me.

Once they were done, The curtain came down and I was rolled over to my room. As I had mentioned before, I haven't had surgery and was pretty impressed by everything. They had something under me that inflated and then moved me from the table to a bed, then that bed to my bed. They got me all settled, my dr came in to talk to me about how well the surgery went and some side effects I would feel with the medication. After what felt like an eternity, Cole came to the room and showed me pictures of Elyse. Then he was gone again!

I was so jealous that Cole was able to move around and see her. I felt completely fine (thank you meds) and wanted to jump out of bed and go, but I guess not being able to feel the bottom half of my body changes things. He came back to finally let me know that Elyse's transportation was here and they would bring her by really quick for me to see her before she was off. When I finally did see her, I was shocked. She was so small and I couldn't believe she had just come out of me. That my body (with Cole's help) was able to make something so amazing! Thats all the time I got before she had to leave though.

The whole experience was so surreal. After being in that room and that bed for 3 weeks pregnant, then returning and no longer having her there was just strange. I missed her already and was still in shock from everything. Needless to say, I did okay emotionally. Waiting to get out and see her, and finally being able to. I didn't break down a lot or cry too much. I was forewarned, and I knew what was coming and that all the decisions made were for her best interest. Those thoughts were calming.

So the night of June 18th 2011, Elyse Suni Van Gundy was born. She was 4lbs 13oz, and 18 3/4 inches long. She was born in Bellevue, Washington and transferred to UW Hospital in Seattle. After 2 weeks in the NICU, she was able to come home, where she is now :) Being loved

PS. Lastly, the most common question asked about the surgery has been "what was the most painful part?" To be honest, the most painful part was that after the cathader came out, and I had to pee for the first time without it, it was SOOOOO painful. I was upset that I wasn;t warned about this pain at all!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Story of Elyse - Part One

So she's arrived!

Here's a little about how it went down and how shes been doing. Last I blogged, I was in the hospital, on bedrest. Busniess as usual, I was still on bedrest, the morning of Saturday June 18th. Felt a little drained and weak, but I assumed the effects of being in bed for three weeks were finally getting to me. My Dr came in and asked how I was as usual. I told her I felt fine, still leaking AF, and the only thing different was sometimes when I had to change my pad of AF, it was a little pink. The Dr said that was normal and if it continued to happen to let her know.

So about an hour later, I went downhill. I was starting to really feel sick and achy. Cole usually spends the morning with me on saturdays, then goes and run errands for the coming week, then comes back and spends the rest of the day with me. (yes, he's a very loving husband) So on this particular Saturday, he needed to go home, do laundry and get his hair cut. Just before he left the hospital, he knew I was starting to not feel well, and told me to let him know if there was anything I wanted. I just let him know I'd call him and let him know how I was doing. 

Once he left, I was still pretty miserable. The nurse came in to check on me, and I let her know how I was feeling and that I wasn't feeling great and it was getting worse. She told me that could be an infection, either with myself or the baby and that she needed to let my Dr know. I honestly didn't realize it could be effecting the baby since I had been sick a handful of times throughout my pregnancy, but I was glad the nurse was telling me and keeping me in the loop. After she had told the Dr, and I was put on an IV and NPO. I forgot what NPO stands for, but I know it meant I couldn't have any food or any drinks, not even water. This was a sign that they were thinking surgery.

The Dr comes to talk to me, and she does an exam. As suspected, the pinkish color in my pads was from dilating. There wasnt much, but I was about 1.5cm dilated and it would continue. My contractions were getting stronger (oh... did I mention I was having mild contractions throughout my whole bedrest?), there was no AF left, baby was breeched (definite c section), and my blood test came back saying I had an infection. Unfortunatley, the blood test can't tell us if it is just a cold for me, or if I was sick because of an infection in my uterus. So, knowing all this, it was best to have the c section that day.

Although my emotions have been up and down during the pregnancy, I felt that I would cry and the craziest things and have a heart of ice on others. This was one of those times I decided to cry. Nothing was really sad about the situation though. We were prepared that the baby would be early and in NICU, and we knew that everything that was being done was in the best interest of the baby.

But I felt like crying. I knew I needed to get it together and call Cole and let him know. But first, to get ahold of myself so that he didn't get freaked out by my crying. So I collected myself and called him. Once he said "Hey babe" on the phone, I did everything I could to fight back the crying, which came out as a shaky voice, which I am sure was WAY worse. Soo I let him know everything and that his little girl was coming today. He left the house so fast. He was a little sad I didnt tell him earlier that I was feeling worse and so he could have skipped a few errands to be there when the Dr was.

Once he got there, he too had to calm down and collect himself. He also had to tell our family about the change in plans....we waited a few hours before we did so that we knew as much info as possible. (and because we wanted to relax and not have our phones ring and beep like crazy) I have never had surgery before so this was a big deal in my mind. I wasn't sure if I had a high tolerance for pain or if I would pass out. I didn't really know what to expect as far as how "I would feel" throughout the process. Would I feel it? Would I not? Will I be dizzy? What kind of pain will I be in? Will I hear the baby scream? Will I get to see her? Will she be okay? Will Cole be able to be with me during the spinal? So many things were rushing in my mind and I know that no one could really answer those questions for me.

What I did know was that my c section would be around 7pm or 730pm, Cole could be there the whole way, I didn't want to know what was going on and when, I knew I would feel touching and pressure, and I knew my nurses pretty well for being there 3 weeks. I was extremely comfortable and confident in my Dr and even thought to myself that she was so extremely nice and I was so lucky to have a doctor that was so comforting. I knew that my baby would be named Elyse and I would soon be a mother.

As the time drew closer to when I was going to go into the OR, we were trying to stay calm and not let the nerves and excitment take over. We knew it was a busy day in Labor and Delivery but we really didn't think the most of it. Then our nurse told us some bad news. Due to the amount of recent pre term deliveries that day and the previous days, that they didn't have enough staffing to cover Elyse over the night. They would want her to have a nurse 1 on 1 if she has trouble breathing. So if she comes out with some trouble breathing, they will stablize her and then transport her to University of Washington Hospital. But if she comes out fine, then they would be able to leave her at Overlake. Unfortunately, they felt the chances of her staying at Overlake were slim and wanted us to be prepared.

This is when my emotions when to the ice hearted side. There was nothing I could do, and they were making the decisions based on Elyse's well being. So I signed the papers knowing I wouldn't get to be with my child for a few days after she was born. It should have been an extremely emotional and heartbreaking moment...which it was. But I was unable to so that. All I could think was "make sure she's okay!!! I just want her to be okay".

Finally, the time came. Cole was given his "dad suit", and I was given a gown and cap, moved to a wheelchair and brought into the OR. Never in my life had I been in one before and all I could think was "I'm coming out of this room without my baby, but still a mother".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The last few weeks....

So, after reading this you'll think... "why didn't she write this eariler?" Well, I just knew it would be a long story and was still getting used to typing on my netbook. Warning, everything is TMI but it is how it is...

On Friday, May 27th after work, I noticed I felt a "leaking" feeling. Almost like I had lost muscle control and was peeing. It was so awkward! So I rushed to the bathroom leaking on my way there. Then I thought to myself "well, maybe this is just a random pregnancy thing. I'm 29 weeks pregnant!". Then it would happen every 20 min afterward. Before this started, I was feeling a little neasuaed, so I took some medicine that will help and also make you sleepy. So, I was constantly leaking/peeing and super tired... I put down 5 towels and laid down to sleep. Getting up constantly running to the bathroom all night. I was so tired, I kept telling myself "I'll call the doctor in a few minutes...". Cole was also working overtime all week and exhausted, so he also didnt think anything of it and wanted to sleep, just like I did. So finally, 730am on saturday morning comes around and im rushing to the bathroom again. Cole wakes up and I tell him, I don't think its pee, but i dont know whats going on. So he pulls out his "emergency numbers" card we got from our hospital tour.

On the card it says "if you are experiencing leaking or a gush of water, call your doctor immediately". whoops....

So Cole calls the doctor and the doctor says she will call labor and delivery and we should head there right away. So we bring our few dry towels left from the night and a few wash rags since I had no pads in the house at all, and head to the hospital. This is memorial day weekend and we were planning on heading to Idaho to visit Cole's family later that day. On the way to the hospital, we're still thinking that its probably something that could be a "quick fix".

I wasn't in pain or anything, just leaking a ton of liquid! So we get to the hospital and get checked in and they bring me to the oasis. Once in there, we explain the situation to the nurse and she tells me to change into the hospital's mesh panites and a huge pad.  As the nurse helps me change and Cole is holding me up, guess had been 20min and I leaked all over the nurse. She was confident in telling me that my water broke.

I moved straight from the oasis to a post pardum room. There they did a few other tests, started an IV, ultrasound and many other uncomfortable tasks...They basically told me they were going to try to prevent me from going into labor for at least 2 days so that the steriod they had given me would help the baby mature her lungs.This is when it set in for Cole and I that we were no longer going to Idaho.

They put me on a few antibiotics to help avoid infection, Magnesium to help avoid labor, and a ton of pads. We saw a perinatologist along with an OB from my OB's practice. They told me that women who rupture their membrane, (aka break their water) about 75% go into labor with in a week.

Well, its now June 16th and I am still in the hospital on bedrest. On saturday, I will have been here for 3weeks. Its been tough to get used to and also knowing how this was not in the plans. But I take everyday as it comes and know that my baby will be here someday and the more I stay, the better for her. At this point, She has lost most of her amniotic fluid but sitll has a solid heart beat. As if the lack of fluid isn't bothering her. She was 3lbs 7oz when we came in in May, and is now 4lbs 4oz. So the time here has helped her. Unfortunately, within that time, she has decided to flip over and is now breeched. So she earned herself a c section. Also, not in the plan.

I weight the pros and cons in my head about the c section, even though there isnt a choice in the matter now. Having major surgery scares me but I know that there isnt a way around it now! So the game plan is if the baby decides shes not happy in my belly, they will go get her. But if she seems fine, they will wait till July 1st to deliver. I have an appt on July 1st at 4pm to have the c section. So we'll see!!

With all this bedrest I have had a hard time. My butt is always numb, I've been leaking non-stop, and they dont encourage me to walk around. Needless to say, I've seen the outside of my room twice since ive been here. Its been very tough mentally to be so confined, but I remind myself that its not about me now.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Non-Pregnant Person

So I don't actually agree with most of these (mostl #4), but some of them I do and find it REALLY funny how hormonal this person sounds. hahaha Anyways, saw this on the pregnancy board I read and thought I would share. BTW, friends that want to visit, you are NOT held by some of those last expectations.

Dear Non-Pregnant Person,

I hope you find these guidelines helpful in your interactions with pregnant women as failing to follow them may result in serious physical harm. If you are thinking, surely she doesn't mean me- then you should probably read this twice.

1) The appropriate response to a couple telling you they are having a baby is "Congratulations!" with enthusiasm. Any other response makes you an ass (including, “Did you plan this?”).

2) Through the wonders of science, we now know that babies are made ONLY by the mother and father- not grandparents. Unless the baby is in your uterus or you are the man that helped put it there, you may not ever use the phrase "my baby".

3) On the same note, unless you made the baby as defined in 2, the pregnancy, birth and raising of the child are not about you. You do not have input. No one wants to hear your opinion unless they ask for it. The same goes for the name of the baby.

4) The body of a pregnant woman should be treated the same as any other body. You would not randomly touch someone's stomach if they were not pregnant, nor would you inquire into the condition of their uterus, cervix or how they plan to use their breasts. Pregnancy does not remove all traces of privacy from a woman.

5) Likewise, no woman wants to hear comments on her weight- ever. A pregnant woman does not find it flattering that you think she is about is pop, must be having twins, looks swollen or has gained weight in her face. Telling her she looks too small only makes her worry that she is somehow starving her baby. Making such comments invite her to critique your physical appearance, and you may not act offended. The only acceptable comment on appearance is "You look fabulous!"

6) By the time we are 20-30 years old, most of us have picked up on the fact that the summer is hot. We are hot every summer when we are not pregnant. We don't need you to point out that we will be miserably hot before the baby comes.

7) There is a reason that tickets to L&D are not yet sold on Ticketmaster. Childbirth is actually not a public event. It may sound crazy, but some women really do not relish the idea of their mother, MIL or a host of other family members seeing their bare butt and genitals. Also, some people simply feel like the birth of their child is a private and emotional moment to be shared only by the parents. Like everything else in life, unless you receive an invitation, you are NOT invited. This includes doctor appointments, ultrasounds, labor, delivery, the hospital and the parents home. You do not decide if you will be there for the birth or if you will move in with the new parents to "help out". If your assistance is desired, rest assured that you will be asked for it.

8) If you are asked to help after the birth, this means you should clean up the house, help with cooking meals, and generally stay out of the way. Holding the baby more than the parents, interfering with breastfeeding and sleeping schedules and making a woman who is still leaking fluid from multiple locations lift a finger in housework is not helping.

9) The only people entitled to time with the baby are the parents. Whether they choose to have you at the hospital for the birth or ask for you to wait three weeks to visit, appreciate that you are being given the privilege of seeing their child. Complaining or showing disappointment only encourages the parents to include you less.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update: more tests, gallblader, glucose test

Its definitely been awhile since my last post, and although it’s partially from my laziness, its also because I have been surprisingly busy!

So just to update, I went to a great baby shower thrown by my mother in law and two friends, Courtney and Lindsay at my MIL’s house in Granite Bay, Ca. It was a great day, but I will post about that another time.

Since then, I’ve slowly crawled into my third trimester officially, been taking birthing classes, toured the hospital we will be delivering in, gone to a bachelorette party, wedding and thrown a wedding shower! It’s been a fun an exciting month, nonetheless! Plus work has gotten extremely busy with my peak season starting, so sleeping and resting have become a huge apart of my daily schedule.

But the thing I most want to blog today about is my recent pregnancy related issue. Well, I believe its pregnancy related, but it could also just be “bad eating habit” related. I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but everyone kept saying to me “ you’re pregnant, you can eat what you want!”… this my friends… is so NOT true and I feel as though I’ve learned this the hard way. But, I am learning from my mistakes!

First of all, back in the end of April, I took my 1 hour glucose test. If you’re not familiar with the process, well this is how it goes. Depending on your doctor, they will tell you to fast for 12 hours or tell you to fast for 2. My doctor told me to fast for 2 hours, drink this small red drink and get my blood drawn within an hour of drinking it. (I have severe pregnancy brain, so I think this is how it all went). Well, the reason the drink was red, was because it was fruit punch flavored….. YUCK! I do like fruit punch, I don’t like it when its as sugary and syrupy as that was! Oh, and you have to drink it within a 5 min time period. So not only is it on a empty stomach, its gross and you feel like you want to vomit the whole time. Well, I did this got my blood drawn and to my surprise, I FAILED!

I was really upset and depressed about it. I felt like it could totally have been avoided by eating better and not indulging on every little craving I had! Well, since I failed, I had to go back and take the 3 hour glucose test. This was terrible. It’s similar to the 1 hour test, except, you fast for 12 hours, go get your blood drawn, then they make you drink the drink again(this time I got lemon lime, it was better), then get your blood drawn every hour for three hours. Yes, that means you got your blood drawn 4 times in 1 day. Which, if you’re anything like me, it mades you sick to think about. I was sooo lightheaded by the end of it, I had to take the rest of the day off of work, and you can bet I managed to sleep the whole day, and night.

These tests test for gestational diabetes. Well, thankfully, I passed my 3 hour test and don’t have gestational diabetes. Whew! Regardless, it was awake up call to eat better and be a better mom for my unborn child. Now, I’m not saying I have been a staint about what I eat, but I have definitely taken the idea of “eat whatever you want, whenever you want” out of my head.

Well, although the scare has helped me make better food choices, it hasn’t made my bad food choices completely disappear. Last week, I went to lunch and decided to enjoy a nice meal of chicken fingers and fries. They were tasty, but nothing amazing. I couldn’t even finish since the meal was so big. Later that night, after making dinner, my stomach was starting to feel a little off. But I assumed I was hungry, so I ate dinner, and the feeling still didn’t go away. It got worse.

Now, I actually tend to get stomach aches fairly often and know that when it’s a stomach ache, my whole belly aches. This time, it was only at the top of my belly (TMI warning), just under were my giant breasts now sit. The pain was always there but got worse in waves. So since at first I thought it was a stomach ache, I went to the bathroom and just sat there hoping something would happen, and I would feel better. Nope, nothing usual happened and I definitely wasn’t feeling better, then suddenly, I had to urge to vomit. Sometimes, when I have stomachs I also feel like I have to vomit, but I don’t actually vomit. Well, this time, I did and a lot.

Thankfully, someone had just explained to me what a contraction feels like and that your whole belly gets extremely hard. Well, my belly wasn’t hard so we knew it wasn’t a contraction(thank goodness!) So once the vomiting started, Cole called a 24 hour nurse hotline. They explained it was my gallbladder, and that I could be passing a gallstone. All I could think was “wow… didn’t read anything about my gall bladder in all those pregnancy books!” The nurse asked about what I had eaten and said the chicken finger and fries must have triggered it and that there was no medicine I could take to ease the pain since I was pregnant. The only thing I could do is wait it out, and eat better in the future. I was very upset to hear that. So I layed on my left side and did my best to quietly handle my pain since it was now 11pm and I knew both Cole and I had to work the next day.

I was so exhausted from the lack of food in my body and the pain I was going through, I quickly fell asleep, (while still noting the pain while sleeping). The pain did eventually go away and I was so relieved! It was unlike any stomach pain I had ever had and don’t want to risk going through it again. Again, if I had been better about eating, this may not have happened.

So I went to my OB yesterday (Monday) for my regular appointment, and told her about my episode. She told me there IS medicine I could have been given and if it were to happen again to go to the hospital so I can be treated. I was a little upset to hear that I didn’t need to be going through that pain, but glad to know I managed through it. But due to the issue, my doctor had me go and get an ultrasound done so that they can check my gallbladder.

I went this morning and the nice ultrasound tech also checked on the baby for me as well :) She’s doing good and at my request she also “double checked” the sex for me. The baby is STILL a girl! Haha She was moving like a maniac, kicking me during the session and was head down. I don’t know the results yet as far as my gallbladder goes, but hopefully I’ll know in a few days.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You know you're pregnant when...

I can't take credit for writing this at all. This is a compilation of the girls on the board I read and posted only the ones I can relate to :) Hope you find this funny even if you aren't pregnant. (you will notice this when you are or your partner is!)

You know you're pregnant when...

-your mood is 99% determined by how comfortable your pants are.

-the thought of having a newborn that "only" sleeps in 3 hour stretches actually sounds appealing, because right now you're up every 2 to pee

-whenever you're out to eat you seriously consider ordering an extra portion to take home "just in case I'm hungry later."

-when dessert has gone from a rare treat after dinner to a must-have!!

-When you start a new load of laundry (that you forgot to do) in the washing machine before switching the clean wet clothes into the dryer, thus soaking the clothes again.

-You start thinking about what is for lunch/dinner before your done with bfast.

-your diet consists of raisin bran, fruit and marshmallows.

-you bought a bathing suit with more fabric than your wedding dress had.

-When you wake up at 6am and eat the leftover chicken wings cold that you have been thinking about since you put them away after dinner...

-When you decide that shaving is more of an exercise or chore and decide against it because you don't want to be out of breathe from reaching since you just caught your breathe from climbing the stairs...

-When you cough/sneeze and pee all at the same time...

-When ppl think it's okay to touch your belly...

-When you are eating cold cereal out of a coffee mug on the couch and realize that at some point the mug ended up resting on your belly...
-when your mood is dramatically lifted when you find out it's potluck day at work.

-when you laugh too hard and start ugly crying.

-when you feel a sneeze coming and clench your thighs.

-you forget there is something sticking out in front of you until you try to squeeze through a small opening and get stuck...

-you think going to bed sounds SO good, but are too tired to get off the couch and get ready so you seriously think about sleeping where you are...

-people start to recognize your weekly rotation of clothes that actually fit you.

-you can walk faster than you can run.

Happy Thursday!
Here is my 24 week picture from last week. Im 25 weeks now :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2000-2010 Bullet Points

So this probably would have been better to do in January, but since I didn’t think of it till now, now will just have to do.

2000-2010 Wow.. another decade has past and yet celebrating the 1999/2000 New Years Eve feels like it was just yesterday. So I want to take a blog to reflect on this last decade. What brought this on in the end of April of 2011? Well, as I recently posted, I got a new car and in this car, they are giving me a three month trial of XM radio. When I first heard, I was like “LAME.. I won’t use it”. Well, 1.5 months later… here I am.. addicted to the 90’s on 9 and Pop2K stations. I flip back and forth between these two stations and listen to songs that bring back memories. Some are great memories that make me think of a less stress life and some are really horrible.

Well instead of bringing it all the way back to 1990, we’ll just go back a decade.

Also, the reason for the blog isn’t to give myself a huge “pat on the back” as its more for my to document my memories before I forget them. I mean, I do consider this blog a little bit to be like my diary… public diary so I have to be somewhat cautious about what I write.

So I will bullet all the things that happened in the last 10 years that I consider either to be big steps, milestones, great memories, or big memories to learn from. I won’t go into too much detail as that would make this much longer than it already will be.

So here it goes, bullet points for 2000-2010:

* Had my first kiss

* Got my first job

* Had/got(?) my first boyfriend

* Felt my first heartbreak

* Got my first piercing

* Realized I had a passion for dance

* Preformed my first solo

* Went to Prom

* Won my first cheer Jump-off

* Graduated High School

* Stopped Swimming in school

* Lost touch with some of my friends to a boyfriend

* Got my first car from my parents(as well as a second and third)

* Went to college at a CSU

* Learned to make new friends and truly appreciate my old friends.

* Landed my first internship

* Traveled internationally by plane, car and boat for the first time.

* Joined Student Leadership in college and became and RA

* Graduated College in three years

* Turned 21 and enjoyed it for many years, in many bars and clubs.

* Got my first career job with a company I wanted

* Moved out of state for the first time

* Made friends with people at a club randomly(and stayed friends)

* Tested a friendship and succeeded

* Learned (the hard way) to support myself without help from my parents

* Bought a car all on my own, with my own money for the first time

* Had my own apartment for the first time.

* Became responsible for a life besides my own (Brody)

* Met the love of my life

* Married the love of my life

* Adopted a Vizsla

* Became a homeowner

* Became pregnant and opening a whole new chapter for my family.

It’s hard to realize all of that happened in the last 10 years. But all for the better. I’m so happy to be where and who I am today and wouldn’t have done any of it differently.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erica and Derek's Wedding Shower Weekend!

Last weekend was a great weekend!

Cole’s Aunt and Uncle from Idaho came for a visit and we also hosted Erica and Derek’s wedding shower!

It was great to see Jody and Kim. They came on Friday and we have a nice dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. I’m actually still dreaming about the food from that night because it was so delicious!

I actually begged Cole to take me back there last night. Okay okay, I didn’t beg, I just pouted and stomped around the house. But he did good and held his ground on eating in. So he made me a salad from the organic groceries that had just come in and since I was in a foul mood from not being allowed to satisfy my craving, I refused it and ate a ramen instead. (and a pastrami paninni…shush. Don’t judge!)

So back to this weekend; Saturday was spent getting the wedding shower ready. We had put up a few of the decorations already during the week, as well as made a Boston Crème Pie.

This was a wedding shower for our friends, Erica and Derek (aka Derica) . I wanted to make it a little different than our usual dinner party with friends and also since it was at our house, I wanted to make it a little more than the same ol same ol, so I decided a theme would be best! Derek grew up in Boston and thought that it would be fun to do a Botson themed party! With my dad also being from Boston, I thought I would be able to get some ideas from him. Well, when I asked my dad for some ideas, I got more than I could have ever imagined.

Not only did he have some ideas, he asked his sister(my aunt) for some help as well! They sent me so many great things! Chips, coffee, dessert, soup and LOBSTERS! It was more than anyone could ask for and then some. They sent many decorations and fun things I could hang all over my house. The theme was extremely obvious when you walked in.

Although the shower was not a surprise to the couple, the theme was. Almost all of the food was Boston themed and I was really hoping that none of it was gross. The following was the menu for the evening:


Deviled Eggs

Lobster Bisque

New England Clam Chowder

Wise and Cape Cod Potatoes Chips

Boston Baked Beans- Candy

Main Course:

Cooked Lobster


Mashed Potatoes


Actual Boston Baked Beans

Boston Pork Roast

Sam Adams Boston Lager


Boston Crème Pie

Ring Dings

Devil Dogs

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Thankfully, Derek did recognize everything and the couple seemed to really appreciate the party. It was a great night topped off with some games such as Boston trivia and the “engaged version” of the newlywed game! With everything going on, I forgot to take too many pictures but here are some!

(ps their wedding colors are blue and green)

Dessert Table


Living Room Decorations

More Decorations and the "prize table"

Boston Post Cards and the fun "Masshole" Sticker


Lobster Dinner!

Erica and Derek, the happy engaged couple!

the gang! (im that flash in the mirror!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Dear Husband

Random Post

WARNING: this is long

Not much to update about the baby, so instead I’ll update a little of what has been on my mind lately.

My husband :D

I realize this will be a boring post for most, but I think of this blog as not only my own little soap box, but also a little journal for me to reflect on in a few years. This is something that will help me remember the past and be able to relive it. It’s like my own digital version of “The Notebook”.

Last weekend, Cole and I went to the CMA Gala in San Francisco. To try to squeeze in a few moments with our family, we flew into Sacramento after work. Our flight got delayed and we didn’t land till after midnight. We stayed at Lenny’s place, and then took off early the next morning to get my hair done/see my mom. Once that was done, I managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at La Bou(drooling thinking about La Bou) with my Dad and his friend Eva. Which ran a little late and we had to be on our way to San Francisco.

Once in SF, we saw our friend Brittnay. Brittnay is one of our few “joint” friends! It was a very short and fun visit (and long over due) and we were off to the gala at the Westin St Francis in Union Square. It was a beautiful hotel in a beautiful city. It was great to go and see a few familiar faces! With our flight the next morning at 830am out of Sacramento, we had to rush back home. So we took interstate 80 all the way back.

Why am I mentioning our route home? Well, because it has been such a long time since the last time I was driving from SF to Roseville on 80 and we had to drive through Vallejo to get there. Driving through Vallejo brought back so many memories of school. It was such a strange feeling to be going through it. Both good and bad all came rushing back, but most of all the lack of responsibility.

My senior year, last semester, I was making decent money working at the school and barely had any classes. Which meant, I had a lot of time on my hands to live out my last few months of college. These were the memories that really came back to me. The last year of school. Since I had more time on my hands, I saw Courtney and Sharon more often. Also, I was finally 21 so I went to bars and clubs in SF. Before I was 21, I didn’t drink at all. I did a little in High School (sorry mom and dad if you’re reading this!) but really not that much.

So when the legal drinking age finally came around, I had a blast and would like to think my senior year was one of the best years of my life. So I said this post was going to be about my husband, and I haven’t really talked about him yet. Well, here goes the story of us….

For those of you that don’t know, Cole and I went to college together, but didn’t run in the same circles until senior year. Even then, he was an engineer and still had a lot of studying to do while I didn’t and had a different agenda. After being together for 4 years, we’ve come to realize we’ve been around each other since high school. With Cole having gone to Granite Bay High School and myself at Roseville, we’ve actually been at swim meets together, swimming against each other and football games together. Then with CMA, I never would have thought “my future husband is roaming around this campus”.

So, back to senior year in college, I was hanging out with Brittnay and her friends more after I had freed myself from a long relationship I had in college with someone else. I was enjoying my new found “single” self and making new friends along the way. With that was Cole. There were many occasions I would be over at Cole’s house and Cole and I would get to talking. We clicked very well, but didn’t ever recognize it as much more than a friendship. We all went on a trip to Mexico on our senior year spring break and I found myself at Cole’s rental more than my own. There was a time in Mexico that Cole and I were talking for so long at his rental that we fell asleep on the couches. Separate couches… remember… we’re just friends at this point. Also another time, were he came over to the rental I was at we stayed up till almost 4am talking on the balcony. Needless to say, this is when I heard the nicest complement I had ever received. I did have to force it out of him, but I got it!

Anyways, life went on and we didn’t keep in really close contact at all. Just a message here and there to say hi. I’m not really sure how it came about, once I moved to Seattle, he and hung out once or twice while he had training. I even remember Sharon and I teasing him about his Crowley vest that said “My Safety, it’s up to me.”. We went to a movie together as well. (the Davinci code.. yea it’s a little silly that I remember this since we were still just friends). He went up to Alaska and I was enjoying my life in Seattle.

Then a few months go by and he lets me know that he has to go back to Seattle for a bit and I suggested that he just stay with me and to come over Seafair weekend. (the first weekend in August). He agreed, which surprised me, but we had an extra room at the time, so I guess it made sense. I can still remember now, when he came up to say hi at Seafair. I was with Stephanie and Tim, (Courtney was there too, but I believe she managed her way onto a party boat at this time. Lucky girl!) He had a brown AE shirt and Khakis shorts and his side burns… oh the side burns. They were MONSTORUS!

We had all sat at the water, talking and joking around. We all got hungry and decided that we should go to Madison Park for food. One little problem… Steph, Courtney and I didn’t have a car. We took the shuttle from Bellevue over and Cole’s car was fairly far away. So, Tim (the nice guy that he is) offered to take us one by one on his scooter back to Cole’s truck. I had never been on a scooter and thought it was the funniest thing. So after he got us all back to the truck,(except Cole cause I think they decided that would be a little awkward on the scooter together) we went to Madison Park to eat. Cole took us girls back to Bellevue.

Here’s the part of the story that is mostly told so you may or may not have heard this before(or are apart of this story… sorry Court :D ) We had all decided to go out to Belltown that night. So, we got ready and were downstairs waiting for Courtney. We realized that it was taking a little while and someone should check on her. So I did, and there she was… a little angel all swaddled up in her blanket. She had been sleeping! She later told us that she went to lay down for what she thought would just be a few minutes. Made the mistake of turning her light off and never got back up :) Tim had also decided to not come out so the three of us and another person went out that night.

Anyways, we had a great night going out, and although Cole and I danced together the whole time, nothing happened. We were still just friends… with a lot of chemistry.

The next few days Cole stayed with us and we got to know each other more and more. Everyday I got home from work, we’d go out to dinner or he was making dinner. After dinner Cole and I went to my room and watched TV on the floor till we both fell asleep. One of those times was when he kissed me for the first time.

So jumping back to last weekend and driving through Vallejo. It made me wish I would have been able to know Cole in college and wish we could have started our relationship earlier. But he says that he believes we’re together now because that’s how it was meant to be. If we had dated earlier, we may not have liked each other or may not have worked out. I still believe that deep down we would have had the same connection regardless and it very apparent from our past as friends that the chemistry was always there. But since the past can’t be changed, I should look at the future.

So after thinking about all the “what if” scenarios in my head, I have decided that no matter how many way I try to re-think the past, it won’t change and that the important part is we ended up here, together, married and starting a family. I’m pretty sure it’s all my hormones working on overtime, but I’m glad I thought about it. About our pasts, both together and separate.

It makes me more and more grateful to have him in my life. He’s such an amazing partner that sometimes I don’t know what I did to deserve him. But he’s here. I like to look at other married couples in his family and think about us in comparison in a positive way. I’ve noticed how much his grandparents, on both sides, are still married and adore each other and I know that Cole and I adore each other the same. So I have no doubt in my mind we will last as well. We’ve always told each other that we never want to stop holding each others hand and hope to be that old wrinkly couple that holds hands walking down the street. So now, everytime we see an older couple, walking and holding hands, we smile at each other and know “that will be us someday”.

Lastly, I just want to say the reason I’ve decided to write this post is because I think all the time how lucky I am or how happy I am with Cole. I wouldn’t ever say I had “cold feet” but I did wonder if getting married would change the way I looked at Cole. Marriage is such a big commitment and very permanent and I worried if I would feel claustrophobic or something. Needless to say, marriage did change the way I looked at Cole. I didn’t know it was possible, but it made me love him more and adore him more. That saying those vows were nothing short of the best decision of my life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I couldn’t have picked a better spouse or future father.

Okay, I’ve gushed enough about my husband!! He’s amazing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a Girl!

Lots to update!

First of all, here’s the 19wk picture from last week. Its not all that different from the 17 week one. I’ve gained about 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks! Ugh! Doctor still says I’m doing good, so I guess I am! Haha

I am officially halfway and on week 20! Woo hoo and with that, I went to my anatomy ultrasound on Monday. It was really fun and interesting. We found out that it’s a GIRL! We have a beautiful little daughter to welcome into this world :) When we found out, I, of course, cried.

Let me tell ya, she’s STILL a mover! She was all over the place and the ultrasound tech had to chase her all over my belly to get all the measurements she needed. Then when I moved to my left side, she clamed down a little. Which is interesting because that’s the side I usually sleep on!

But they ended up getting measurements of her legs, arms, head, stomach, heart, open hands and spine. She definitely made the ultrasound tech work for it! We were there for a good 2 hours trying to get them all.

The most asked question now is “Do you have a name yet?”. No we definitely don’t have a name yet. We were kind of preparing ourselves for a boy so we have a boy name all ready to go! But as for a girl, we have a few names we’re kicking around, but nothing we’re set on. So until we are set on a name, we’re not saying anything.

What we’ve learned from the first few months of pregnancy, is everyone wants to “help” with names. But Cole and I want to pick it out for ourselves and really don’t want a lot of opnions. It makes the whole process that much more complicated. Then if you add the “well.. this name would be good cause its your aunt so-an-so.” Just makes its all into a bigger mess. So, when we have a name, and we’re ready to share. We will, but until then we don’t have much. It’s a lot of pressure, so we’re trying to take our time with it :)

Her Face

Left Leg (hopefully ballet legs like mom!)

Her feet: Looks like they need little slippers on them


She likes to play with her feet. Yes that huge thing by her head is her foot.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Or should I say Happy St. Pug-trick's Day!

Today, people say "why is everyone pretending to be irish?" well... just a side note. I'm an american with irish blood (my dad's side) so I'm not pretending. But Brody, yes he's pretending cause he loves sloppy kisses.

But it's St. Patrick's Day! Everyone gets to be irish today and enjoy it! It's a fun and happy day! One day, I would like to be in Ireland for this day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yoga and Body Aches

Nothing too exciting to report with the pregnancy..

We’re on week 19 and a baby bump picture should be up sometime this week. I believe I’m continuing too grow and haven’t hit much of a plateau in awhile. I can tell because sleeping in a comfortable position has become close to impossible and between my frequent bathroom breaks and hip/joint pain, sleeping soundly has become a thing of the past.

I am constantly looking forward to my next possible massage and have found that sitting in a pre-natal child’s pose and having Cole massage my back is one of the highlights of my day. My breast have grown so much that the only way my shoulders and chest find relief is when I lay on my side.

This prenatal yoga class has actually been really great. I am not usually into yoga or Pilates because I like cardio classes. But since that’s not an option right now, and thanks to a friend, I’ve found a new appreciation for yoga! It stretches me and so accommodating to pregnancy. Some of these positions are just simply comfortable to be in rather than feeling like “work”. Don’t get me wrong though, downward dog still hurts my wrists and plank isn’t something I can hold for longer than a millisecond, but its become more and more interesting to try!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Very Exciting Weekend NBR(Not Baby Related)

I had a very nice and exciting weekend and I just wanted to share!

After all the traveling my new hubby and I have been doing, it’s very nice to be home. Yes I miss California and all, but being back in Seattle and getting back into the groove of things have been really nice. Although, I don’t know what the future holds and hope to move closer to Sacrmento and family someday, I am becoming more and more content with Seattle. Maybe it’s being pregnant, maybe its being a very happy newly wed, or maybe it’s the friends. Whatever it is, I’m starting to find happiness here.

Cole and I have been enjoying our weekend home and not jam packed with plans. Finding the time to spend with the dogs and each other, and still finding the time for friends is becoming easier and more at our pace. (this means finding time to take my weekend naps on both Saturday and Sunday without rush :) )

Anyways! Why was this weekend so exciting?? Well, for one, our good friends Amanda and Tim got engaged!!! Yay!! We’re all so excited for them and they’re wedding day to come!!

And for two, Cole and I bought a car! We’re so excited! We have been considering a family car for almost a year now. No, we weren’t exactly planning for the baby so soon, well… Cole wasn’t  But we’ve been keeping in mind that my 2 door Acura RSX would eventually need to go and a 4 door car of some kind would need to be purchased.

So after tons of research on Cole’s part, and one too many conversations about cars that drove me crazy, we finally found one that fit the criteria’s. 1. I liked it 2. Cole liked it 3. Babies would fit easily with a stroller 4.gets at least 25 mpg on the highway and lastly, 5. All wheel drive to survive the snow.

So what did we find? The Infiniti G25X.

We’re picking it up today or tomorrow! So we ‘re really excited. (mine will be white... like the pug) Now, might be thinking “does she really think a baby and stroller can fit in that car?” Well, yes I do. Actually I know it can. Cole and I happen to go to the dog park 2 weeks ago and saw a women, getting out of her G25x, with a dog, baby, and stroller, all by herself. So, it definitely helped knowing that it will work :)

Hopefully I will get it soon and post pictures :)

Lastly, Pugmania is on June 18th! What is Pugmania you ask? Well, it’s also known as Pug-a-palooza! Yes, its probably the loudest dog gathering around :) All pug and pug mixes join together for a day in Seattle. There are pug races, and pug kissing contests, pug costume contests, and even pug agility. So, Since this is the first year Brody and I are available to attend, we’ve decided that Brody will be entering the races and the agility contest! Brody is a pretty fast pug since he does chase Taylor and her BFF Nutmeg, but the agility is a whole other beast. So, remembering that my friend Amanda had recently mentioned wanting to make an agility course for her dog, Nutmeg, we starting talking about how to make this work :)

So we have started getting idea’s of the best ways to make our own agility course. So far, this has consisted of plastic gardening stakes for the pole weave, a cut out tunnel laundry basket for the tunnel, and PVC pipe made into a dog jump.

Brody has a couple months to get his agility on, but he will get it! I think the weave will be the hardest thing for him to get. But I think he can do it! Go Team Brody! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

17 Weeks Picture and Pregnancy Dreams

For my Blog readers first! (even before facebook!)

The 17 wk picture :) I’ll put it next to the 15wker so you can see the difference. It’s a small difference, but it’s there!

So I don’t know if its because of the intelligender test or what, but I had a crazy dream. First off, pregnancy and dreams. Just in case you didn’t know, apparently some pregnant women mention they have the weirdest dreams while pregnant. I have definitely been experiencing this. Some women get strange dreams and some women have sexual dreams. Most of mine have just been bizarre.

So I haven’t had dreams about the baby’s gender at all. Actually being pregnant hasn’t even occurred in my dreams. Until last night. I won’t go into all the weird details, but I was telling someone about my SON! So weird. I didn’t say his name, but just that I had a son. I wonder if it had to do with the intelligender test or not. But it was a weird and very pleasant feeling.

Also, before bed, I was staring at how big I’ve gotten all over my body and I said to Cole “How can you love me when I look like this? I’m so unattractive!” and his wonderful husbandly response was “babe, I love your personality” ……. DOGHOUSE! j/k he did say that and then laughed and said “I love you pregnant, you’re so cute and round” Still a little bit of a backhanded compliment, but I’ll take it :)

Anyways, I think that also incorporated into my dream. In my dream, I was telling someone about all my baggage and about how my husband and I were getting separated because he wanted a divorce. I assume because I got fat . Dreams are so bizarre. I’m glad they are just dreams and not real life.

I’m not actually big on telling people my dreams, because they are just dreams and not very relevant to actual life. But I decide to blog about this because it was the first time I had one of those “oh my goodness… “Im gong to be a mom” moments.

Lastly, we got this cute pregnancy belly ring for me. I need to cut it to be small still, but wanted to share!