Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No matter what's your holiday..... its a time to celebrate!

Because its hands down my favorite christmas song, I had to quote N'Sync Merry Christmas Happy Holidays. It brings back warm memories of dancing around sharon's parents house memorizing the dance on TV and recording every possible N'sync move on a VCR. We were so cool!

Christmas season has come so fast and is going so fast as well. It was been a very busy but wonderful month! I got around to seeing almost all of my friends and it was really nice! I miss seeing everyone and feeling like Im getting closer to others. We went wine tasting, a wine dinner, a group christmas dinner where we exchanged gifts, plenty of wedding planning and dress shopping! I think I have found a dress, but im not haulting my search just yet. But, Thank you Maggie Sottero for being so beautiful and so affordable :)

I have wonderfuly friends that got me these beautiful wedding flutes that I just absolutely LOOOOVE! I can't believe how excited I am about flutes, but it makes it that much more real! I seriously wanted to cry when I saw them! The are the Kate Spade Belle Boulevard flutes :)

So in a few hours Cole and I start our trek down to Sacramento. We hope to make it to Fresno and I was thinking of trying to make a day trip to SF if there is time. There will be more dress shopping too! I am really on a hunt to find a bridesmaid dress sooner than later! I really feel on the ball with all the planning, but then i looked at the full list of things to do and it dawned on me, apprently, im about par. Things I plan to get in the near future

- wedding dress
- wedding shoes
-bridemaids dress
-order cake
-send out save the dates

Im excited for when I have something to talk about thats more than weddings.... and my doggies :)

I gave all the dogs these christmas cookies, dog cookies. Lily, Eli, Nutmeg, Taylor and brody. Taylor and brody had terrible stink afterwards so I want to apologize to the parents of the other dogs if they expeiranced the same issue!

ok....time to drive

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flowers, linens, Chirstmas, dresses.... too much to think about!

Although the wedding planning continues, the holidays have made it that much harder to focus!

This is mine and Cole's first week of relaxation. We have been going non-stop for the last couple weeks with wedding appointments and hanging out with friends and holiday stuff. This week we were to start our workout habits for the wedding, but we're putting it off.... again. But the diet has started, and I am hungry all the time! It;s like my body wants to sabotage itself. We're focusing on better foods AND portion control. We'll see how this goes.

Ive decided White is not a flattering color on me. Everytime I've come out of the dressing room in a wedding dress, I look in the mirror is its a michellin man blimp! All I can think is "THIS is suppose to take Cole's breath away?!" Im sure I'll find something, but I can't believe that this is the reaction im having to wedding dresses. I think Im really picky. But I'm going dress shopping again this saturday. I have a feeling this is going to take more than few times for me to find " THE" dress, if in fact its out there at all. Im more about timing. I feel like I'll find something I will be content enough with, when I feel like i've been dress shopping with everyone.... I know it sounds silly. But for example, I havent gone dress shopping with my mom yet! I feel like I am SUPPOSE to find it when im with my mom. But she doesnt want to go with a bunch of 25yr olds... as if she wouldnt fit in. hahahah Anyways, hopefully i'll figure it out by the time I need to.

We also recently met with our florist who is also our designer/rentals coordinator! All in one! I can't believe the amount of flowers that will be in season and to chose from. It was much easier to look through magazines and say "this one" as far as a bouqet goes. We are very excited to see the outcome. Probably more me than cole, but it was fun how involved he is being. I though grooms were suppose to be not very involved and the bride ended up doing all this with their bridesmaids instead. But Cole has been very involved in all the aspects and taken on task that he has actually been working on, and showing me his progress! Im so proud of him helping and taking the wieght off my shoulders. Im marrying an amazing man :)

Cole and I are driving to Roseville for Christmas. Leaving mid day on the 23rd and coming back to Seattle on the 30th. We think. I like taking time off and being in Seattle. Gives me time to unpack and unwind. It will be niiiice :) While in California, I expect it to be a busy time. Im going to try to make it to SF for a day, and we're both trying to go to Fresno again for a day. We will have to see on timing of course.

I think that is it for now.... nothing too exciting :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby....its cold outside

This is definitely one of those days I want to be at home, sleeping, with the dogs. I woke up this morning, and it was 19 degrees outside. Cole and i are very stingy heater users so the house was almost as cold as the yard. The ice on my car still remains even after my 30 min commute to work, and having been at work for about and hour. And on top of it, there is no snow! I happen to enjoy the snow, and its usually long stay in Seattle. But so far, theres nothing :(

This is what my dogs are doing, at home right now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick and Dreaming about Moving... again

Somehow, Cole and I both got sick. This is wierd cause Cole has the strongest immune system I have ever seen. But not very strong will power when it comes to getting his own glass of juice.

So now, we're both sick and dogs, and at work.

Everytime we go to Sacramento, we leave there thinking "I miss that place". Its not exactly the terrain or dirt filled hills with no trees that we miss. We miss our large group of friends, that will always be there. Even if I fell off the earth for a year, with no explaination, they would still be there. The friends you never have to try with and always feel yourself.

Now, this is not to say we don;t have great friends in Seattle. We do have great friends in Seattle. They are wonderful!

Anyways, that was a side track. Cole and I miss the combination of family and friends. Its a wierd growing pain I think. Our jobs, and adult lives are here and we can't spend the rest of our lives being the kids. We going to be the parents, in a few years and we really are trying to think about where we want to be parents! Seattle is an easy choice cause we are already here, established, and content. There is so much to do, and learn to do and thats something we are excited about expierancing with our kids!

But then, there is Sacramento. Our kids can be around other kids that we already know their parents, and they will get to know their grandparents more. Really get that feeling of family.

We just got back from Sacramento, and this is the first time I really had the feeling of "I can't wait to go back!". Maybe its the fact that im on vacation, or that Im just as happy to see everyone as they are to see me. Maybe its the warmer weather or the familiarity. Or maybe, its just home.

More than likely, we'll make the decision to stay in Washington. But its nice to dream :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Sacramento

Finally back on track in Seattle, kind of.

Cole, Courtney and myself (along with our dogs, yes we each have one) drove down to Sacramento for thanksgiving. Thankfully we were in Cole's truck so it was a little roomy. Nonetheless, the car stunk of dog when the trip was over. It took a good 13 hours, and very minimal stops. We are definitely getting used to this crazy drive! We didn’t encounter any snow or worrisome weather conditions. Well, except thick fog. We left at 5pm on Tuesdays and got to Sac at 6am on Wednesday. I convinced Cole it would be a great idea to get the Eclipse book on tape for entertainment. It was great :) We still haven’t finished it, but something about twilight makes me all excited!

We got home and all went to our separate homes. It was nice to see family, soon to be family :-), and friends. As some of you know, I get really nervous around Cole's family, but this trip was a really nice time, and really finally felt like myself. I look forward to my soon-to-be life as a Van Gundy.

My family is doing well too! Thanksgiving was great except 2 things.... well 3 things! 1. Sharon was in Asia. 2. Brody had surgery!!!! and 3 Auny was sick too!!!

Brody was acting completely normal on Wednesday until around 5pm when my mom came home. She frantically calls me around 8pm to tell me my dog has been throwing up about once and hour! I go straight home to see my mom scrubbing her pristine white carpet and Brody sitting next to her, with that guilty face. (his tail goes down and his face sags more, and he looks around like "where can I hide") He calms down and eats a little. I take him to my room to sleep. He moves around all night and finally, throws up again around 4am, and of course, eats it before I can grab a paper towel. I clean it up, and we go back to bed.

When the morning comes, he’s acting a little better but keeps stretching. I look up the symptoms online and it sounded like pancreatitis.(I can’t spell it) I got to the store to run errands for thanksgiving dinner. As I am at the store, I get a call from my brother saying "He has to go to the vet, I made an appointment, go to Alpine" and gives me the address. I head straight over there with pug in tow. We get there, and we're the only ones in the waiting room, and Brody proceeds to bark at every dog that goes by. We get called in and wait 30 min to get seen. Then another 30 to take the blood tests. then another hour to get the results. Then another 30 min to determine to get and x ray, 5 min to take the x ray, wait another 40 min for result, they need another x ray, 10 min, then 30 min to give us results again. Yes, this process took almost 4 hours!!!!

Turns out he ate a huge chunk of a nyla-bone and rope... from his toys and they got stuck in his stomach and esophagus. He was in recovery for some time. When we were finally able to get him home the next day, he was high as a kite! His eyes are normally big, but they were HUGE when we got home! Later that night we went to bed and on the floor of my room at my mom's house is a house phone with a little light on it. Brody has a cone on and didnt want to go to bed. SO he stared at the light the whole night, STANDING! weirdo

He calmed down a tad the next day

Saturday we got together with everyone as a casual engagement party. It was nice to see everyone and chat. We started at Crush 29, went to basic and then after party at Cole's mom's house. Needless to say, I went straight to bed! Everyone else was up till 5, and had no problems sleeping at 2am.

Oddly, in the almost 4 years in Seattle, I've never actually seen a fight, like a fist fight before. In roseville, on saturday, I saw my first one. It was terrible! It was outside of basic while we were waiting for Dusty to pick us up, 2 groups of guys decide to start fist fighting! My immediate reaction was for my jaw to drop, THEN start running towards them to stop it. I remember that I tried to run towards them, and Cole stopped me. I was so upset and dissappointed that there are actually people out there that believe that throwing your fists around is macho and a "good idea". At the time I remember thinking " If I can get over there, they will stop punching each other cause they wouldn't punch a girl". Im glad I didnt make it, cause they may have on accident. Anyways, my point is, that fight was so stupid; I'm glad I didnt get involved; and I love that fighting like that isn't Cole's style.

Well, we're finally home in Seattle, and its nice and cold. Im very excited for this month all the christmas festivities. Cole and I will actually be down in Sacramento again for christmas but for a longer stay this time. About a week and a half! Woo Hoo!