Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Many Milestone Weekend!

Lots of Milestones this month!!

First of all, on the 18th of every month, I put Elyse through a torturous photo shoot! This months inspiration came from various baby pictures I saw on Pinterest. We were going for a "look how cute the baby in pearls is!" hahah :) Some are real pearls and some are fake. 

This one I LOVE! Her "beary" best friend

And everyone loves the butt picture that she will be embarrassed about in the future :)

Last weekend, my parents came up for a few days to visit their grand daughter, and moi. Above is "harmony"(korean term for grandma) and Elyse eating a sweet potato fry. Elyse had another tooth break through this weekend. Her top left bunny tooth :)
We also went to the mall and got her ears done! She doesnt sit still, so the picture is blurry. 

She has figured out how to crawl and grab and sit up on her knees. Which means she can get into her toy drawer anytime she wants!!! 

Lastly, I dont have a picture of it, but she pulled herself up to stand for the first time. She's a little stingy about doing it still, but she knows how an can be provoked with food. 

ps. also, still NOT eating from a spoon. BUT she will eat from chopsticks!! Thats my girl!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elyse's New Way of Eating

Elyse has hit a new milestone lately! She's crawling... which is awesome but then again, she's realizing that the new world around her is very dangerous and is banging into a lot of things. :( But thats not what I want to blog about.

She's taken a step backwards in her milestones as well. She recently decided that she HATES spoons and will not eat from one. So the only way I can get her to eat pureed foods is straight from the container. So much for making my own food!

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