Friday, January 27, 2012

my latest creations!

When I do actually find the time to get on the computer, I have been addicted to Pinterest and learning about all these new blogs!! 

One thing I try really hard NOT to do is say "I'm going to do this"... then never do it. I hope that for the most part that I do about 80% of the things I say I'm going to do. (one thing I thought I truely would do, then didn't was finish my prereqs for nursing school and still kick myself for not doing it.... maybe someday?)

So on pinterest there are lot of DIY things that I REALLY want to do! (as well as that fantastic list I created for myself in december). So below is a few pictures of my recent progress. 

There was a post on pinterest about a diy lace flower headband for babies! Heres the post picture:

Heres the one I made: (Micheals only had this one lace so I was a bit limited)

Woo hoo!! 

The next thing was found by my friend amanda, and its a "coming home from the hospital" shadow box! Heres the one on Pinterest:

And heres the one I made..with her premie clothes :)

Last but not least, I made a beanie for my baby! This was not on pinterest. I learned how to crochet on youtube, then found a youtube tutorial on how to make a beanie, and then also how to make a flower and ta-da!
The crown of the hat...

Finished product! The flower is flatter now though. It took me about a week to make, but mostly cause I was learning how to crochet while making it. The next hat will look MUCH better :)

One quick thing, these three things took me about a month to do. As I've mentioned before, there is a false sterotype that stay at home moms have TONS of free time on your hands. That is NOT true. I will say we have a little more freedom with our schedules(as the babies get older) to move things around and be available. BUT we're not just sitting there bored, doing nothing. Most of stuff I have been doing (the crocheting, projects, scrapbooking) has mostly been when cole is home from work. When I'm home, I take care of the baby. If I get free time(like now) I try to blog or shower or get something done for the greater good of the family.

But anyways!! I do think when Elyse goes to school, I'll have a little more free time :)

So what's my next project?? Another hat, and hopefully more scrapbooking. I am looking forward to being DONE scrapping booking my wedding!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to make

So since I have been slacking on the blogging, I've decided I should try to do, shorter more frequent blogs rather than the longer ones that take forever. So heres to my first shorter blog post!!

So lately, I've been really motivated to make something. I've been a SAHM for 7 months(tomorrow) and what have I accomplished? Well besides keeping Elyse alive, I've scrapbooked a little and finished watching the whole season of Lost, and all of the available seasons of Grey Anatomy, Grimm, The Office, Once upon a time, the ringer, parenthood, up all night and modern family. (Thanks a lot hulu) Oh and I've finished one book... Clash of the Kings(it was a 969 page book though). oh and we started our p90x and happy to say, we're on week 3 and have definitely been sticking to it!

Needless to say, I don't feel all that productive, SO I've decided to search the internet for things to make.  The first thing I made from DIY website has been accomplished! I made a flower out of lace. I know.. sounds lame and really insignificant, BUT to me it means I am capable of making things and this is just the start! The flower is going on a headband for elyse.

The other thing on my list is crocheting... in general. Let's see how that goes...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 2012



I can't believe its here already. Well, I've already been slacking on my blogging, but hey... the holidays are hectic!(Then add an adorable little baby and you barely have time to shower!)

Well, the good news is, I have been working on other things, besides being a mommy! I have been playing with my camera more and plan to take a class in March with my friend Amanda on how to use the camera to its optimum ability! I can't wait!

Also, Cole and I have started P90X and have been very good about it! The diet has been going well and teaching us how to eat better in general, and thats really what we need. We've been doing the workout everyday and hope to continue. But if I fall off the bus, and eventually work out 3 times a week, I will be very happy with myself! We're going to hawaii in july and I'd like to be at least 20lbs lighter by then, 30 or 40 would be even better though, but thats definitely going to be a stretch.

Ive continued on my scrapbooks, although not much, but continued! To be honest, i kind of wish I never started them because I dont know when the baby scrapbook will ever end now! I think maybe I'll scrapbook her first year, then do photobooks after?? I dont know...ugh.

After 7 months of being a stay at home mom, I'm finally happy and content with that I am doing and how I help this family. I still have my moments of "I am so useless!!" but I have been able to pull myself out of it. Its nice to be reminded that I had such a great support system up here. I am getting closer to a few friends and that really has made such a big difference. It's really made me realize how much I like washington and hope to raise my kids here. Cole has expressed feeling the same way. Although moving back to the bay area in california would be nice, because of family, we know we wouldn't be able to give our kids what we want financially as well as we could here.

Food on Eyse's face....oh and shes in the dog bed

Cole's favortie.... the dyson :)

Holding my sippy cup!

What's new with Elyse? Well shes almost 7 months old! She's sleeping through the night(like 10-11hr) a lot more lately, with less naps in the day. Shes sitting up unsupported, but I dont prefer to leave her alone when shes sitting yet since Im unsure if she will throw herself backwards are bang her head on the floor. She's also showing signs of being interesting in crawling. Sometimes when she is in upward dog(she does tons of yoga poses all the time) she will look down and arc her back and almost get on all fours. Like Cat stretches.... I should take photos of all her yoga moves :D