Monday, November 28, 2011

Visiting California with Elyse

Two months ago, my mom and aunt came to Seattle. They were here to help out with the baby, visit and also kindly watch the baby while Cole and I enjoyed our anniversary night away. A few days later, they took the baby down to California, via airplane. I was going to meet them the following week, via truck after our friend's, Amanda and Tim's wedding. Cole had to go to Mississippi for work for 2.5 weeks so it made this time a good time for Elyse to meet the rest of her family.
This was her first airplane ride :D

Amanda and Tim's wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! It was also great to have Courtney and her bf Tyler there too. The next day, Courtney, Tyler and myself, drove down to Sacramento. It was soooo good to be reunited with my little one again. We stayed at my mom's house for 2 weeks. In the meantime, Elyse  got to see her all of her extended family. I also got a few nights off from mommyhood to see my friends.
Elyse was completely spoiled and showered with every gift imaginable! SO much clothes(tons that no longer fit) and toys! Although the trip was great to see family, it didn't go by without its problems. Everyone had their own way of doing things and their own advice to give. I just nodded my head and did whatever I was told. I did have the least amount of experience as a mommy and knew I could learn a thing or two. (even though I wanted to do things my way)
One of the main reasons we were in California was for the wedding of my cousin Auny.... or aka Jennie. I was a co-MOH and Elyse was a flower girl. It was sooo beautiful and the weather couldnt have been more perfect!

With Uncle Derek

Elyse met all of her family on my side of the family at Jennie's wedding. I barely saw her as she was being passed from person to person. Everyone giving her their love. It was a great thing to see. 
After the wedding, we were on our way to see more family. Elyse's great grandmother and great grandfather van gundy along with other van gundy family members were waiting in Fresno.
Uncle Kevin

Great Grandma Van Gundy or Nana

4 months old! (10/18/11)

Once we were back from Fresno, we had another trip! Elyse was going to stay with her great grandparents Chavez, while her mom and dad went to New Orleans for Cole's work. Elyse was well taken care of and Cole and I enjoyed one of our favorite cities ever. A vessel cole was working on was being christened and it was a big day. I was so proud of him. 
Nap time with Great gandpa(papa)

First Halloween! I'm a Cupcake!

New Orleans

Streetcar ride in New Orleans

After the christening, Cole had to stay in the south for work and I flew home alone to California. Two more weeks of him being away. But not without a packed schedule of family and friends and visitors. All for Elyse of course. 

Finally, the family was reunited. Cole flew to Sacramento and we got to spend 5 days together before thanksgiving. I dragged him to twilight, we saw friends, we had lunch, it was great :) Thanksgiving was at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Rancho Cordova. It was another perfect Thanksgiving. Korean American fusion and it was SOOO good :) We had turkey, Ham, rice, kimchee, potatoes, shrimp, short ribs, raw crab kimchee, jellyfish(yuck), mussels, gravy, and of course, we ate it with chopsticks :D

Last but not least, we drove all the way back, from Roseville, to Issaquah. It was a 2 day trip. Elyse did great the first 5 hours. Then she lost it. So we were trying to make it to Salem, OR the first day. Well of course, this was a much longer trip because we ran into the civil war football game traffic, all while Elyse was screaming her head off. She was DONE with that car seat. We did eventually make it to Salem, but that was pushing it. There was absolutely no way we would have made it to Seattle. We stayed with Cole's Aunt and then left the next morning. Also... more traffic. Elyse did good for the first 3 hours, then again... she was done. Needless to say, I don't think we'll be driving to california anytime soon. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Return of the Blog

So for the last few months, I've been on a bit of a bloggin break. Well, a break from the computer really. If its not easy to use on my iphone, then I haven't been using it. Mostly because I have been really focusing on how to be the best mom and stay at home wife I can be, but also...who am I kidding... I was also focusing on finding time to sleep. So blogging went to the way side.

Well, now I think I'm finally getting in a better sync with Elyse and balancing being a mom and a wife, and now a blogger. Notice, all of these things are easy to do from the house. Getting out of the house on a daily basis is still a struggle since Elyse HATES her car seat. I will take another entry to catch up all the great things that have been going on since my last entry, but first, I want to write down my future goals and projects.

So breifly, I quit my job back in September to be a full time mom and wife. Yes, I relize that many people are able to balance both of those roles and work. Well, it's not that I can't, its just that I don't have to right now. Cole and I are able to manage our budget off of his salary and since I am happy to give being a SAHM(stay at home mom) a try, then I am. On top of that, my position and Cole's both require long hours at work and that is just not what we want for our family.

But being a SAHM isn't just sitting on the couch, eating bon bons all day. It's much more, and more than even I knew. It's getting up at all hours of the night and day, it's diapers, and spit up, and laundry and clothes and food and all at the same time, trying to find time to conserve energy, find sleep, to avoid looking like a troll so that your husband enjoys coming home to you, it's dinner and breakfast and lunch, it's everything that took you five minutes to do before that now takes an hour. There is down time though. For example, right now. Elyse is down for ther afternoon nap and I've finished most of my earrands.

Anyways, going from a working woman to a stay at home mom, I've decided I need to give myself a few projects to keep myself going(as side from the baby). I say "projects" because some of them are goals and some of them are hobbies. So here they are in no partiular order.

1. Work on Myself - this is probably the main project that leads into all the others. Yes being a SAHM, means I'm a mom and my family is my #1 job/priority. But aside from that, I've noticed it's been easy to let myself go and become this blob that all I do is baby baby baby. Well, I want there to be more to me than that. So I am making this list to better myself in the process, ya keep my brain alive and moving and learning. So thats my first project :D

2. Get Healthly - when I say healthy, I mean it realively. Healthy in my way. Not everyone elses. Yes I'll probably start dieting, and I want to look better for myself and my husband, but it has to be my way in my time. So if you see me getting that carmel macchiato, lay off on the judgement. I'm not going to completely deprive myself of these simple pleasures all the time! But eating a little better, making better food choices and starting some kind of work out will be my start. Now I know that with the  holidays coming up, it would be ridiculous to really start dieting now. So come new years, I plan to start it. What is "it"? Well, I want to try P90X and I want to lose my baby weight by Elyse's first birthday. I know its hard and I may not completely succeed on doing the program, but I never know until I try... and so I'm going to try :)

Also, P90X gives me the ablity to workout from home at my own time(elyse's time). Unfortunately, the gym can't baby sit elyse yet so the at home workouts are the best bet.

3. Photography - As my iphone sits there and tells me I have too many photos and videos, I've decided I should make this everyday activity a real hobby. So i've asked santa(cole) very nicely for a canon rebel T3i and we'll see if he comes through :) I have sooo many pictures of Elyse on my phone and wish they were better quality so hopefully I will be able to take better pictures of her soon :D Althought taking a class would be nice, but who will watch my baby while i'm at these classes?? So I hope to find many online tutorials and maybe a few books to learn the basics. Any tips are welcome...

4. Scrapbooking - to go along with the pictures, I'm scrapbooking. I want to scrapbook the first year of Elyse's life. After that, I will print out photos and add to a photoalbum. But this project I have started. Im not so good at being creative with the pages, but I am doing it and proud of it!! I also want to finish my wedding scrapbook... which I have started...but barely.

5. Planting - I am hesitant to call it gardening since I don't have a garden. But my goal is to get 2 planter boxes and put 2 plants in them and keep them alive :) I will have to start off small and see what can survive the Seattle weather.

6. Knitting baby hats - Yes this is a little specific, but since I am the first of most of my friends and family to have a baby, I think making these hats for their up coming babies would be a great thing to do, plus a great baby gift!! I've started this and its really hard so we'll see. If anyone knows how to make these and wants to teach me, I'm definitely willing to learn!

7. Read - I've been reading more in the last few years (thank you girl with the dragon tattoo for getting me started) and I've enjoyed it. So I hope to continue reading more. I don't need the fancy, smarty pants books, just something entertaining :)

Okay so thats all my projects right now. This is already a long/overwhelming list as it is, but hopefully I remember to do these things and can focus on these projects and I make my transition from working woman to SHAM/W. :)