Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tid bits, here and there

Caution:   this is about nothing in particular.

Cole and I are finally home from a great trip in Portland,Or. Although, I have a new found love for Portland and want to see more of it, it wasn't just the city that made the trip so great. The trip had a rough start since we both had a hard time being prepared to leave. The trip kind of snuck up on us since we have been so busy with Dance lessons, wedding appointments, planing, preparing for other people's weddings, other people's events and work. All the typical stuff and nothing out of the ordinary for most people. But once we finally got to Portland, it was a great time! We went for work related reasons for Cole, and I met his VP/boss. We stayed at the Benson Hotel with our dogs and walked around the Pearl District. It was nice to have the dogs around and to do a little family trip.

One of my favorite parts was on friday night we went to a Builder's Dinner at Kell's in Portland and it was beautiful! It was such a great place and had amazing food! They even had irish cloggers and gave us Kell's Sweatshirts! which I loved! The next day we went to the barge christening for the Crowley barge 455 9.They even announced us!

Later that night we went to Dukes Country bar and met with Courtney, Cheryl and Cheryl's friend Sarah. It was nice to go out there and try to  line dance! I was in need of some cowgirl boots though :) So on our way home the next morning, Cole and I stopped in Centralia and I got my first pairs of boots. and I Love them!!! I can't wait to wear them in! One of the hardest things in Portland was to not get too carried away with shopping due to the lack of sales tax! I tried very hard to justify buying things, but Cole reeled me back to reality that if I managed to shop and spend $100... Im saving only $10.....which, yes money is money, but that I shouldnt just spend... to spend. It was a diffcult thing to control. Good thing Cole was strong for me :) He did let me get some very needed eyeliner :D

Well the reason I bring up portland, is Cole and I really needed a break from our lives and the wedding. It was a nice getaway that wasn't too far away and we got to spend a lot of time alone and relaxing, without the pressures of "cleaning the house" or "running errands" or "making appointments".

So here's a random thought... maybe a bit sad, and I'm just feeling sorry for myself at the moment and need to snap out of it. my bachelorette party is in 2 weeks... and I'm really excited. I am! But Im having a hard time getting myself to be outwardly excited. :( I don't know why....

maybe im being selfish and sulking about it cause I feel stressed and I have to much to do to really allow myself to have a vacation, or maybe I feel like I forced everyone to go on this expensive trip to vegas, or maybe... and this is the WORST, is that I don't feel like this is a bachelorette party for me? or that is should be for me? it just feels so selfish....:( and my schedule with everything has just been so busy, that not only have I been unable to ask anyone else to go shopping with me, I havent been offered any plans to go with anyone else. I took Cole shopping for his clothes cause he asked... does that count? and I found something for myself cause I stressed) Okay... I know that sounded bad. And it was... gross...I need to snap out of it FAST! like I said... its only 2 weeks away! The point is, I love Cole and we're awesome... but because of all the planning and everyone having busy schedules as well... I feel a little like a lonely bride... friend-wise. Yes, this is coming from the person who has 16 girls coming to vegas for my bachelorette... I guess just the leading up to it is lonely...friendwise....cause of my busy schedule :( Granted... at times I am reminded that not everyone is coming to celebrate another "last fling before the ring"

Well, I still have some time... and I still need one more outfit. If I dont find the time to shop (or the money for that matter) then I have stuff in my closet that will suffice.

One thing I was worried is that I have heard a lot of couples fight a lot during the wedding planning then dont make it to the vows because their differences showed during the planning. I am happy to say, Cole and I are NOT one of those couples. We have bonded even more.... if that was even possible... and really been there for each other and even though I have these times where I feel "lonely...friend wise" Cole reminds me that he will always be here for me and he will be taking a vow so be my friend forever....

This went from a positive post to a negitive post. So I need to bring it back around!

So on happy note... a few actually! I have been dieting and working out a lot and feeling like my heard work is starting to pay off. I am far from the flawless body of Jennifer Anniston or Rihanna, I am still proud of myself for sheding an inch or two :)\

Also! Cole's cousin Shannon is getting married in exactly a week!!! at Newcastle in Seattle! its going to amazing and beautiful! I can't wait!

Okay.... so obviously my posts for the last couple months have been a little stale and lacking in personality or emotion, so I thought I would do one of things on my mind and the up and downs being engaged... at least for me.

ps... I am VERY aware that my downs are silly and I am just being down. But I would hope that for whoever reads this can just remember, everyone has their bad days. Although not everyone will think that my lows are founded, to me they are and I have to live with them

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Invites are Out!!!

So much is going on lately, I don’t even know where to start!

First off, my invites went out!!! Woo hoo! And here they are!

The design is by Tanya Williams at

And she did an amazing job! The concept is of a story book! This all started when Cole and I were having a hard time finding beginning “wording” for the invites. We found one that said “Boy met girl, they fall in love, move in together and get a dog” which we loved. But we didn’t want to copy it right off the bat. So we had it changed  It seemed like a story and it sparked the creative genius in Tanya, and here is the product 

I also got my hair comb in! yay!! As well as belt for my wedding dress! I was so excited to see the belt on my dress that I made Cole stay downstairs while I tried to put on my wedding dress to see the belt. It LOVE it! Exactly how I wanted it  Once I was done and had put everything away, I saw a rhinestone on the floor. My heart dropped!!! It had obviously come from my belt!

So I had to take the belt out and I noticed another one came loose! I brought it downstairs for Cole to examine and we decided this could be hot glued on (even though everything else was hand stitched on). So I decided it would be best to put glue on the rhinestone, then the rhinestone on the belt. Cole decided it would be better to put glued on the belt, then put the rhinestone on. Well…. Just take a little guess as to which rhinestone turned out better ;)

The rhinestone that Cole and his giant engineer hands put on had too much glue that globbed everywhere. We had to let it dry and carefully cut off all the globs. It looks great now, but you can only image the horror on my face when I saw my belt, with rhinestones….but also with TONS of hot glue 

Everything is much better now :) Now I await the RSVP's..... now the REAL planing begins..... :)