Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Morning

It’s been a shameful morning thus far.

My morning sickness still sucks. Eating helps a lot. So, I’ve had a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and want another one… 2 pieces of toast and a bag of blueberries. Waiting in the sidelines, I still have a peach, a yogurt and strawberries.

Remember when I said, I’m not eating more but I’m gaining weight? Well, that’s all changed. I’m eating more and gaining weight and there’s nothing I can do to stop myself  I guess its good that its all mostly good for the baby! I did feel like it was necessary though. I felt like a mack truck hit me this morning and had such a hard time getting out of bed and vomiting that I was 40min late to work.

I’ve been reading my “what to expect” book and it told me that my body is working to make this placenta and even when I’m asleep, its working away. Which is why pregnant women are so tired. Well, I hope that placenta is almost done cause I don’t know how much me and my work will be able to handle this!

Next note, something no one mentioned about pregnancy, at least not to me and now I have it. My hair is growing like crazy. I actually only really notice it on my legs, but I feel like a drag queen trying to stay fem. Its nuts!!!! I can’t imagine how its going to be in the summer when my legs are showing and from the morning to night I have a 5 o’clock shadow showing! This is going to be interesting.

Well, this is the last post for the week, as I mentioned in me other post, I will be in Lake Tahoe and enjoying my time with my cousins. Next week, we have an appointment at the imaging center and really look forward to the next ultra sound!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2nd Appointment and Stats

So I am noticing on the baby community boards on the various websites that they put stats of mile markers of the pregnancy in their signatures. Although, I think it’s a great idea to keep track of these things, im going to go ahead and put it in a post rather than in my signature. So here it goes!!!

BFP: 11/29/2010

EDD: 8/8/2011

FU/S: 12/28/2010

FHB: 1/28/2011

That’s all there is for now! So wondering what these crazy acronyms are?

BFP= Big Fat Positive. The first day we got a positive on our HPT(home pregnancy test).

EDD = Estimated Due Date

FU/S: First Ultrasound

FHB: First Heart Beat on the Doppler

Obviously the first two stats are the most exciting, but the list will grow and I will try to update it here and there. Now that we are out of the first trimester and into the second, Cole and I are more excited than ever to watch our little Van Gundy grow!

Anyways, since FHB says 1/25/11 which is today, I guess it’s a good idea to mention how it went!

Nothing too thrilling, but still tears came, nonetheless! They weighed me.. ugh. I’ve gained 4lbs since last appointment which was a month ago. So she said im gaining weight very well and I look good! (I’ve actually gained like 14 total since I became pregnant, but they didn’t weigh me till 8 weeks. So…. Im just going to let them think 4) Keep in mind, I had a little food binge after the wedding too!!!

Also many kind women have told me about their weight gain and how they gained the most in the first trimester and not to worry. Not everyone can be skin, bones and baby. The dr didn’t seem concerned about my physical size, so I’ve decided to not be concerned either. Everyone has a different pregnancy after all!

Next she put the Doppler up to my belly and we heard the heartbeat. Yes, this made me cry on the table, which I am sure made it more difficult to hear. But it went like this… dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub. She told us that the reason it would get faint is because the baby was moving around a lot which is good and healthy!

I still have a hard time accepting that there is something living inside me. So anytime I am faced with that fact, I cry a lot. Currently, I am only a pet parent and the mom of 2 loving doggie, who I think of as my children. Brody is my handsome young man, and Taylor is my beautiful little girl. Amazing to think they will finally be put in their “place” as the family pets and no longer my furry children. Yes, I realize how pathetic this paragraph sounds, but it’s the truth.

As for news besides pregnancy, Im headed to Lake Tahoe this weekend for my cousin’s bachelorette party. I know, pregnancy and bachelorette party probably don’t sound like they mix, but Sharon’s one of my bestest friends and its at a cabin. So I won’t necessarily be running around a lot. It will be a lot of fun and really nice to see her! Hopefully I will update with photos next time around:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

short update and Taylor news!

Status: sick in the morning with easing up around 2pm.

This is going to be a short post. Still been crabby lately and it doesn’t help that I got the smallest bella band, and its already tight. I’m not “showing” per se, but I am getting bigger. My bloated uterus is “showing” though. I really can’t wait till the morning sickness goes away and I can start working out again!!

Yesterday I planned to go to the gym after work. But on my way home, my stomach started to turn. Once I got home, lunch came up and that was the end of me trying to workout till after the first trimester.

On the plus side, Cole and I get our little girl back this weekend! Taylor is coming home, whether she wants to or not!  We are so excited to have our little missy back. Brody is almost too well behaved at our house that hes become a little boring . We’re not used to the house being so quiet and undisturbed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meltdowns and Morning Sickness

Week 11

So this week I’m noticing 2 things. My morning sickness is starting to go away, but not completely and my mood swings are out of control.

Depending on the day, my sickness will be extremely severe causing me to miss work, be late or just vomit in my car (in a bag) on the way to work. Or I won’t notice it at all and I will just have 1 coughing fit where I feel like I am going to throw up for about 2 min and that’s it! I hope this means it’s going to go away soon J

Now, my intense mood swings. These are terrible. Im going to blame it on pregnancy and hope I’m not just a raving b*tch normally. Monday I decided that I was really down and depressed about myself… not sure exactly why. But basically, I was throwing myself a little pitty party. It didn’t help that the seahawks lost, and how I REALLY don’t like sore winner… ya know, the people that even after you admit their team did well that they still rub it in. Yea that doesn’t help. But also that Im getting huge, my clothes don’t fit, im the biggest blimp in every picture, and on top of it, I’m sick and moody!!

I’m trying to calm down and embrace my size and its hard. Cole is doing a good job of trying to keep me sane and nicely point out when he thinks I may be being over dramatic or sensitive. Which seems to be a lot lately! Hopefully I can get this under control before I go on vacation here in a couple weeks with friends!

Cole and I just got back from a very quick trip to Oahu, Hawaii for our friend Mike’s wedding! The wedding was in Haleiwa which is on the north side of the island. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! No rain, not too much heat. It was just nice to enjoy being outside and not being uncomfortable J

We’re going back to Hawaii here in 3 weeks for our last vacation or what we like to call our babymoon. We’re going with our friend Scott, Lindsay, Jodi and Kevin and staying at my mom’s condo in Lihue, Kauai. It will be nice to see everyone, but also be in such a relaxing place. I love Kauai. Its my favorite island because there isn’t a lot of commotion and not as much commercial tourism as it seems like on other islands. Its very quiet but very green and beautiful! And since I’ve seen and done almost everything a tourist can do on the island, I can go there to purely relax and enjoy the weather(and the company of course)!

The first time I shouldn’t feel bad about my body in Hawaii.. but oddly… the feeling of insecurity doesn’t go away. Hopefully I will overcome it this trip J

Monday, January 10, 2011

updating... nothing much new

Still morning sick, and still regular sick.

I’ve been fighting off a cold the last couple weeks and I can’t wait to be rid of it! This last week was nice. Cole and I have been missing our little girl, our Vizsla, Taylor , and we got to dog sit her friend Nutmeg. Nutmeg is very similar to Taylor so it was really nice to have her around! They are about the same size and weight. Same energy and very similar personalities! Nutmeg and Brody cuddled for most of the day and played occasionally. It really made us miss our Taylor. We watched her from Wednesday to Sunday. It felt SOO short! So now we are definitely trying to see Taylor back as soon as possible.

So before I drown on about pregnancy, have to say GO SEAHAWKS!!! WOO HOO! On their amazing win this weekend against the Super Bowl defending champs the New Orleans Saints! It was a close game and a very exciting one was well. But the Seahawks made Seattle a very happy city on Saturday night! Hope they do well against the Chicago Bears this coming Sunday. Seahawks won the last time they played the bears, but you never know what will happen.

So my tummy has been tossing and turning all morning. I can’t wait till we at least know the sex so I can stop saying “it’s in there”. I don’t really know what to call it or s/he? First things first, boy or girl, the baby is going to need a seahawks onesie! I’m eyeing a few out now. It will be my first baby purchase!

Nothing new on the pregnancy front. Still waiting to hear back from the doctor about the biopsy results. We’re kind of just deciding that no new is good news for now. I have also been so hungry that im started to be disgusted with myself. My appetite has has actually gotten bigger, along with my body, if you can believe it! I’m eating everything in sight and as big as though as I should be 4 months along.. and not 2.5. It’s a little embarrassing. But I’ve decided, I’m just not going to be one of those girls that stays thin and then finally pops out at the end. Its just not me. I’m not going to look like I’m normal from the back either. Hopefully I can tone down the eating a little and have been much better about snacking on something healthy. But the quantities haven’t changed much yet.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The picture of the Bean

Heres our little tiffany bean, baby van gundy!

and the test results are in!

I am trying to be better about updating this than I was about the wedding. The wedding was just too much.. not to mention all the other weddings that were going on in the mean time. All were fun though!!
As a warning, this is a pregnancy blog so some things may seem a little “TMI” or “too much information”. But it is what it is and I’m not the first person to go through it. Or even blog about it for that matter. But, you may find out more than you wanted to know… and this is one of those entries.
So earlier this week, I received a phone call from my nurse notifying me that my pap smear had come back abnormal. Apparently, on a scale of normal to cancer, it was right in the middle. So my doctor told me that was considered good news. Needless to say, I immediately made the appointment, got off the phone, and cried a little at my desk…at work. Whoa there hormones!
After some research online and contacting my recently pregnant cousin in law, I started to feel a lot better. Seems to be pretty common and doesn’t usually effect the baby. (Whew!!!)) I had never had an abnormal pap and was of course terrified. Besides my immune system usually failing me, I usually have extremely typical symptoms of any cold, or virus. I’m just usually a textbook case. So when I heard I had an abnormal pap. I freeeeeaked! And I was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t know how it could happen cause I never had to look into it.
As it turns out, it could be a myriad of reasons! Pregnancy is one of them.
So my appointment was today, and the doctor and nurse were terrific about keeping me calm. It hurt, but not so bad I had to scream or anything. Just extreme awkwardness. Things are being moved around down there that don’t usually move around! They started with a colposcopy and she saw 2 areas that were a little abnormal and then proceeded with the biopsy. I’ll get the results here in a few days and can only hope its good news.
On a good note, all my blood tests came back negative! Yay!! No STD’s no HIV, (not that I was worried or anything), good hormone levels for baby, and I’m not a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis!
Next official appointment is planned for Jan 25th and I can’t wait to see how my little green olive is doing!

As for the morning sickness…. Oh yea.. she’s still there. Lingering around from wake up to noon and later sometimes. Even better, I managed to catch a cold, so on top of the nausea and mild vomiting, I have a fever, sore throat, running nose and a cough. See… this is what I meant by my constant failing immune system. So, as you can imagine, I’ve been a peach and my wonderful husband has been a saint. Only 3 more weeks and I’m out of this first trimester and I hope the MS ends!