Thursday, April 28, 2011

You know you're pregnant when...

I can't take credit for writing this at all. This is a compilation of the girls on the board I read and posted only the ones I can relate to :) Hope you find this funny even if you aren't pregnant. (you will notice this when you are or your partner is!)

You know you're pregnant when...

-your mood is 99% determined by how comfortable your pants are.

-the thought of having a newborn that "only" sleeps in 3 hour stretches actually sounds appealing, because right now you're up every 2 to pee

-whenever you're out to eat you seriously consider ordering an extra portion to take home "just in case I'm hungry later."

-when dessert has gone from a rare treat after dinner to a must-have!!

-When you start a new load of laundry (that you forgot to do) in the washing machine before switching the clean wet clothes into the dryer, thus soaking the clothes again.

-You start thinking about what is for lunch/dinner before your done with bfast.

-your diet consists of raisin bran, fruit and marshmallows.

-you bought a bathing suit with more fabric than your wedding dress had.

-When you wake up at 6am and eat the leftover chicken wings cold that you have been thinking about since you put them away after dinner...

-When you decide that shaving is more of an exercise or chore and decide against it because you don't want to be out of breathe from reaching since you just caught your breathe from climbing the stairs...

-When you cough/sneeze and pee all at the same time...

-When ppl think it's okay to touch your belly...

-When you are eating cold cereal out of a coffee mug on the couch and realize that at some point the mug ended up resting on your belly...
-when your mood is dramatically lifted when you find out it's potluck day at work.

-when you laugh too hard and start ugly crying.

-when you feel a sneeze coming and clench your thighs.

-you forget there is something sticking out in front of you until you try to squeeze through a small opening and get stuck...

-you think going to bed sounds SO good, but are too tired to get off the couch and get ready so you seriously think about sleeping where you are...

-people start to recognize your weekly rotation of clothes that actually fit you.

-you can walk faster than you can run.

Happy Thursday!
Here is my 24 week picture from last week. Im 25 weeks now :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2000-2010 Bullet Points

So this probably would have been better to do in January, but since I didn’t think of it till now, now will just have to do.

2000-2010 Wow.. another decade has past and yet celebrating the 1999/2000 New Years Eve feels like it was just yesterday. So I want to take a blog to reflect on this last decade. What brought this on in the end of April of 2011? Well, as I recently posted, I got a new car and in this car, they are giving me a three month trial of XM radio. When I first heard, I was like “LAME.. I won’t use it”. Well, 1.5 months later… here I am.. addicted to the 90’s on 9 and Pop2K stations. I flip back and forth between these two stations and listen to songs that bring back memories. Some are great memories that make me think of a less stress life and some are really horrible.

Well instead of bringing it all the way back to 1990, we’ll just go back a decade.

Also, the reason for the blog isn’t to give myself a huge “pat on the back” as its more for my to document my memories before I forget them. I mean, I do consider this blog a little bit to be like my diary… public diary so I have to be somewhat cautious about what I write.

So I will bullet all the things that happened in the last 10 years that I consider either to be big steps, milestones, great memories, or big memories to learn from. I won’t go into too much detail as that would make this much longer than it already will be.

So here it goes, bullet points for 2000-2010:

* Had my first kiss

* Got my first job

* Had/got(?) my first boyfriend

* Felt my first heartbreak

* Got my first piercing

* Realized I had a passion for dance

* Preformed my first solo

* Went to Prom

* Won my first cheer Jump-off

* Graduated High School

* Stopped Swimming in school

* Lost touch with some of my friends to a boyfriend

* Got my first car from my parents(as well as a second and third)

* Went to college at a CSU

* Learned to make new friends and truly appreciate my old friends.

* Landed my first internship

* Traveled internationally by plane, car and boat for the first time.

* Joined Student Leadership in college and became and RA

* Graduated College in three years

* Turned 21 and enjoyed it for many years, in many bars and clubs.

* Got my first career job with a company I wanted

* Moved out of state for the first time

* Made friends with people at a club randomly(and stayed friends)

* Tested a friendship and succeeded

* Learned (the hard way) to support myself without help from my parents

* Bought a car all on my own, with my own money for the first time

* Had my own apartment for the first time.

* Became responsible for a life besides my own (Brody)

* Met the love of my life

* Married the love of my life

* Adopted a Vizsla

* Became a homeowner

* Became pregnant and opening a whole new chapter for my family.

It’s hard to realize all of that happened in the last 10 years. But all for the better. I’m so happy to be where and who I am today and wouldn’t have done any of it differently.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erica and Derek's Wedding Shower Weekend!

Last weekend was a great weekend!

Cole’s Aunt and Uncle from Idaho came for a visit and we also hosted Erica and Derek’s wedding shower!

It was great to see Jody and Kim. They came on Friday and we have a nice dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. I’m actually still dreaming about the food from that night because it was so delicious!

I actually begged Cole to take me back there last night. Okay okay, I didn’t beg, I just pouted and stomped around the house. But he did good and held his ground on eating in. So he made me a salad from the organic groceries that had just come in and since I was in a foul mood from not being allowed to satisfy my craving, I refused it and ate a ramen instead. (and a pastrami paninni…shush. Don’t judge!)

So back to this weekend; Saturday was spent getting the wedding shower ready. We had put up a few of the decorations already during the week, as well as made a Boston Crème Pie.

This was a wedding shower for our friends, Erica and Derek (aka Derica) . I wanted to make it a little different than our usual dinner party with friends and also since it was at our house, I wanted to make it a little more than the same ol same ol, so I decided a theme would be best! Derek grew up in Boston and thought that it would be fun to do a Botson themed party! With my dad also being from Boston, I thought I would be able to get some ideas from him. Well, when I asked my dad for some ideas, I got more than I could have ever imagined.

Not only did he have some ideas, he asked his sister(my aunt) for some help as well! They sent me so many great things! Chips, coffee, dessert, soup and LOBSTERS! It was more than anyone could ask for and then some. They sent many decorations and fun things I could hang all over my house. The theme was extremely obvious when you walked in.

Although the shower was not a surprise to the couple, the theme was. Almost all of the food was Boston themed and I was really hoping that none of it was gross. The following was the menu for the evening:


Deviled Eggs

Lobster Bisque

New England Clam Chowder

Wise and Cape Cod Potatoes Chips

Boston Baked Beans- Candy

Main Course:

Cooked Lobster


Mashed Potatoes


Actual Boston Baked Beans

Boston Pork Roast

Sam Adams Boston Lager


Boston Crème Pie

Ring Dings

Devil Dogs

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Thankfully, Derek did recognize everything and the couple seemed to really appreciate the party. It was a great night topped off with some games such as Boston trivia and the “engaged version” of the newlywed game! With everything going on, I forgot to take too many pictures but here are some!

(ps their wedding colors are blue and green)

Dessert Table


Living Room Decorations

More Decorations and the "prize table"

Boston Post Cards and the fun "Masshole" Sticker


Lobster Dinner!

Erica and Derek, the happy engaged couple!

the gang! (im that flash in the mirror!)